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Describing the driving objective of his work with the FCC as “moving private capital from the sidelines to the streets,” former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski knows all too well the challenge and importance of leveraging innovation to keep America in the race to stay competitive on the global stage. From developments in the mobile and app economy to pushing broadband access and increasing wireless, Genachowski’s leadership has helped the United States advance in the disruptive technological innovations that are unleashing opportunities both at home and abroad. As network, device and application development are at an all-time high, the implications for job creation and investments make technology the core of our future economy with game-changing influence on areas like health care, education and cyber security, as well as the U.S. and global economy overall. With a vibrant and youthful energy fueled by a passionate devotion to progress, Genachowski shares with audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the rapidly evolving world of technology and the momentous advances that are occurring today. Audiences will gain from Genachowski:

  • An insider’s perspective on the critical steps the U.S. took to become an international hub of technological innovation and why such continued commitment matters
  • What new innovations are on the horizon
  • What is required of the U.S. to maintain a competitive edge in the global arena

How far we will go as a society is directly related to the technological advances we make and the policies we put in place to secure such progress. No one knows this better than former FCC chairman, investor and entrepreneur, Julius Genachowski. While chairman, Genachowski kept his sights on the future and used his corporate savvy to help move the U.S. from laggard to leader in technological innovation and broadband communications, driving the U.S. to a day where, in his words, “bandwidth is abundant and broadband is ubiquitous, where innovation and investment flourish.” By recognizing the transformative impact of technology on the economy and society, Genachowski made numerous groundbreaking moves to secure progress and growth. In this enlightening presentation, Genachowski discusses the future of mobile, broadband and technology and lends his unparalleled insights to help organizations understand the complex picture of digital technology, its effects on many of the world’s most vexing problems and what precisely can be done to secure a stable and profitable upward momentum.

Social media has transformed the way people use the web and the way they interact with companies. Gone are the days where a customer mails you a letter and waits weeks for responses; they expect nearly instant and in-depth interaction. Similarly, employees are on social media and the way they present themselves and your company can dramatically impact how you are perceived. In this session, Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, a leader in social media and analytics, offers five lessons for how your company can use social media to recruit the best talent and manage your brand.

Part creepy and part surprise, this session looks at how scientists and companies are leveraging big social data to develop new insights into customers and what they want. Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, a world leader in social media research, tracks the rise of social networks and data analytics, how new computational techniques are revealing hidden traits of millions of people online, and how this impacts the future of business.

Security experts often claim that people are the most unreliable part of their systems. Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, an expert in cyber security and human-centered technology design, asserts that the problem is not people behaving insecurely, but security systems that are designed with no concern for their users. She discusses the risks organizations face when humans aren’t the center of their security plans and presents three simple changes that can make systems more secure and easier to use.

The future is going to be driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Huge power lies in smart algorithms combined with the vast amount of big data generated by sensors, Internet of Things devices, and human behavior – from financial transactions to social interactions to increasingly trackable behavior. How will AI help people make better decisions? How will it affect or even potentially replace some human tasks altogether? How could it alter long-standing practices in your industry? Where do business opportunities lie in leveraging new technological capabilities, and how can organizations prepare for these changes? The key, according to Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, is to focus on the strategic impact of these technologies.

As Director of the Social Intelligence Lab at the University of Maryland, College Park, Dr. Golbeck not only studies the most cutting edge developments in Artificial Intelligence up close, but she and her team create the types of algorithms that are making those types of advancements possible in the first place. In this talk, organizations will learn how to recognize disruptive AI, assess its potential, and prepare for a data- and algorithm-driven future. 

Ian Goldin has a unique insight into the future. Drawing on the frontiers of research at Oxford and elsewhere, he provides illuminating perspectives on the major changes in society and technology which are likely to take place over coming decades. His presentations focus on the big picture, looking at the implications for businesses, governments and individual choice.

Professor Goldin explains the connection between social and technical change, and draws out the lessons of the past thirty years of unprecedented globalisation. He discusses whether the tidal wave of globalisation will continue and whether past trends are sustainable.

He examines first population and demographic trends, considering the implications for pensions, retirement, dependency and migration patterns to the Year 2050. Next, he considers economic trends, considering whether the current dramatic instability in the market is likely to be a short-term deviation from longer term trends. He considers the rise of Asia and emerging markets, providing perspectives on economic growth and opportunities over the coming 10+ years. The connections between social, technical and economic change and market growth and consumer behaviour are unpacked. Professor Goldin provides fresh insights into the future of computing, biotechnology, nano-technology, genetics and the likely implications of frontier technologies.

Ian Goldin is a leading global thinker on the future. He has extraordinary wide ranging knowledge and an ability to combine the latest in research with insights from the inside of global politics and business.

How are the current distrust of media and the proliferation of new media sources changing the way we get our news? Is there liberal bias in the media? What role does that play? Most importantly, is the information we are getting making us any better informed about politics and the world? After 25 years at the top level of the media world, David Gregory examines the issues that surround this dynamic and ever-changing world of media. In this thought-provoking and enlightening presentation, he shares fascinating insights with the audience from his extensive experience in the business and the work he is doing now in this disrupted media landscape.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 speeches.
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