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The man behind the widely publicized—and startling—2013 report on the Chinese military making cyber incursions into top US companies and government entities, there are few leaders of Kevin Mandia’s experience that can help organizations understand the complexities behind threats that lurk in our vitally important online world. In this thoughtful presentation, Mandia discussed the latest cyber security issues dominating today’s headlines and what businesses can do to proactively protect themselves from these threats.

Many of the factors behind Silicon Valley’s rise are now evident in China in places like Haidian, the high-tech district of Beijing. Will China claim its historical role as inventor par excellence? Under-estimating the possibility of China’s ability to innovate could be catastrophic to U.S. competitiveness. Over-estimation will drive paranoia and protectionism. Tom Manning offers a new interpretation of global innovation with China at the epicenter.

Big Data is becoming a Big Opportunity, Big Challenge and Big Learning curve for both organizations and individuals   Every visit to a website, every visit to a store and every business and personal transaction creates data.  Increasingly, organizations and governments are discovering how to capture, consider, analyze, compare and leverage “Big Data”.

OK, so how do organizations and leaders make sense of all this rapidly expanding “Big Data.” The challenges focus on Vast Data (dealing with a mind boggling amount of data); Speed of Data (how rapidly can we gather and leverage data); Truth of Data (it is interesting but is it true, real or trustable) and Strange Mix of Data (blending data from different and unrelated sources). “Big Data” will be deployed by organizations making marketing, human resource, educational, financial and strategic decisions.

Elliott Masie will explore these topics in a highly interactive, visually rich and humor filled presentation:

  • Big Data – What Do We Know About You?
  • Big Data – Making Sense of Random Bits of Truth?
  • Big Data and Small Data – Is it True for Me?
  • Big Data – Security, Ethics and Mental Models
  • Big Data – Silly Data
  • Big Data – Futures and Alternatives

Elliott Masie will present a fast paced view of changing Technology Trends and Shifts that are effecting organizations, education, business, lifestyle and choices. For each speech, the organizers can select the key Technology Trends and Shifts to be the core of the speech. Or, the audience can be engaged in real-time voting of the topics to be addressed. Elliott Masie, with over 40 years experience as a technology researcher, futurist and author will rapidly explore and explain each Tech Trend and Shift – with working examples of near term futures. Here is a checklist (to be updated) of Tech Trends and Shifts:

  • Mobile Devices: The Intense World of Connected People
  • Maker Reality: From 3D Printing to Build Your Own
  • Personalization: The Age of Personalizing Content, Context and Communication
  • Open Learning: Fingertip Access to Expertise Everywhere
  • Using Games to Fail Forward: Simulating the Way to Success
  • Connected Organizations: Workforce Everywhere – Teleworking, Global and Connected
  • Bring in the Clouds – From PC’s to Networks to Shared Clouds
  • Big and Small Data – Making Sense of Patterns
  • The Marketplace of Knowledge and Ratings – Field Sourcing Expertise
  • Nano Technology – Making the Tiny Powerful and Targeted
  • Me and the World of Technology – Your Tech Choices and Decisions

In this timely discussion, Denis McDonough offers keen insight and analysis of the current geopolitical landscape, with special attention on national security and the threats raised by the increasing role of cyber warfare. Addressing how Russia, China, and other global hot spots fit into a shifting foreign policy landscape, McDonough explores America’s role as the world enters a new era in diplomacy, and the implications for businesses operating around the globe.

How will increased automation impact the labor market in the United States and around the world? How can the public and private sectors work together to encourage innovation while safeguarding the interests of American workers? How should we think about educating our children and retraining our employees to ensure that they are competitive in the global marketplace? Denis McDonough confronted these questions during his tenure at the White House and continues to explore them in his work with the Markle Foundation. McDonough frames the issues that will be at the forefront of the national and global conversation over the next several years, and offers ideas for ensuring that growth fueled by innovation is positive, inclusive, and sustainable.

Innovation is more critical than ever to succeeding in business, as globalization and digitization now offsets many other competitive advantages such as cost, capacity and supply-chain availability. Done right, innovation drives customer success and loyalty and financial success. But Jim McNerney believes innovation has to be more actively managed than any other activity, needs support and funding through step function changes in productivity in the business base, and when done successfully, is the primary reason “the best of the best” will want to join your company. Using his history of executive leadership at The Boeing Company, 3M and GE, McNerney explores the intersection of innovation, leadership and global competition, and the pitfalls that can occur when too much innovation happens too fast—or when innovation’s pace does not meet market or competitive requirements.

Massive forces of change are shaping the Next Economy. Demographic shifts around the world, powerful new technologies, and new organizational forms are creating change for organizations and individuals. Futurist Ian Morrison, with his incisive Scottish wit, will explain where the global economy has been and where it is headed, with particular emphasis on what it all means for American audiences whether they be corporations, non profit organizations or individuals. Drawing on more than 25 years experience as a futurist, Ian provides a lively and engaging view of what lies ahead and what it means for you and your organization.

When it comes to national prosperity, there are few topics as relevant or pressing to explore as health care. Rising health care costs are staggering our nation’s fiscal health, disparities in health are gaping and the right care is delivered to patients less than half of the time. In a groundbreaking effort led by Farzad Mostashari, M.D.—National Coordinator (2011-2013) and Principal Deputy National Coordinator (2009-2011) for Programs and Policy at the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC)—health information technology was enlisted to reverse these trends and improve patient outcomes. What can be done by individuals and the private and public sectors to address these issues? In a highly informed and detailed analysis, Dr. Mostashari discusses what it will take to set the nation on the road to the right care, what has been done thus far to achieve these goals and the powerful role that multidimensional reform and health IT play in prevention, health and economic prosperity.

While data and connected devices have transformed nearly every aspect of our lives, health care IT is one category still catching up. Farzad Mostashari, M.D.—visiting fellow at Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform (2013-Current)—has succeeded as an advocate for digital medical records. Unlike paper files, which, according to Mostashari are “dead” once filed, digital information can be visualized, analyzed and shared instantaneously. In terms of health care, this is a significant asset. The meaningful use of information at the point of care can improve individual outcomes and public health. But even more transformative is an entirely new ecosystem of applications and services that have been brought to life by this digital revolution, and is creating innovate and effective solutions to health care’s most pressing problems. An expert in the intersection of health care and information technology, Dr. Mostashari provides audiences with a behind-the-scenes look at some of the newest advances in health IT, why “data is,” as he claims, “oxygen for innovation” and what changes we can expect to see by going digital.

Showing 1 - 10 of 12 speeches.
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