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In addition to keynoting, Quentin Hardy often serves as discussion leader, moderator and/or emcee for senior executive events. He has covered topics as far-ranging as corporate reform; the global economy; catastrophe preparedness and lessons from Hurricane Katrina; innovation and the impact of social media. Versatile and skilled, Hardy has interviewed rising entrepreneurs, top CEOs and political leaders alike. He possesses the rare ability to ask the right questions and turn high-level ideas into critical information audiences can readily use.

The communications revolution has not just sped up our lives; it has changed the way we think about politics, companies and even national power. If you are under the impression that this type of revolution is a new experience for humanity, think again. Comparisons with the distant past are important as we try to make sense of the ever-evolving role of technology in our lives and use communication tools and resources from Twitter, Facebook and Skype. Quentin Hardy shares:

  • A comparative look at today’s revolution with those of our past
  • His take on what is happening today, drawn from his university lectures to late-night conversations with CEOs
  • He readies audiences for the coming “Concierge World” where custom business relationships, consumer goods and entertainment dominate

Tony Hawk has always been known as a gadget geek, a social media pioneer, and an early adopter of technology. Some people still think he’s just a video game character. Find out how this legendary skateboarder embraced social media early on to great success and used the newest technology to take his brands and his charity work to new places. 

In the world of skateboarding, nothing is held in higher esteem than authenticity. So, how does the sport’s most famous face walk the fine line between authenticity and “selling out?” Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk walks the walk every day as he continues to be the face of the sport he loves, while managing his successful business empire and award winning charitable foundation.

What happens when your financial success reaches heights you never thought possible from a sport like skateboarding? You give back to the people and the sport while making the world a better place. Listen to legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk discuss how his success on four wheels and his early life as a young skateboarder finding his place in the world became the impetus for the Tony Hawk Foundation and their mission around the world.


From the paywall to Periscope, Venmo to viral philanthropy, the one constant in the world, and in the workforce today, is disruptive innovation. For every innovation that radically alters the way we do business, however, there are hundreds that stall and ultimately backfire. How do you spot the difference? Christie Hefner, a creative executive who has worked with numerous powerhouse global brands, is uniquely qualified to address this issue as a media savvy CEO who has successfully navigated the turbulent content distribution space. Today’s director must be able to distinguish noise from permanent change, and to that end, the “invisible decisions,” those things not done, often prove to be the most important. In this talk, Hefner offers audiences a rare glimpse into the best decisions she never made as a top executive and their immediate and enduring impacts. Repeatedly, she has anticipated market trends and met the demand with existing resources, while allowing the unprofitable parade to pass by. Hefner provides training on the tools and analytic skills necessary for decision makers to replicate her success in valuation as they assess and act in their own sectors.

Christie Hefner, an accomplished creative executive who has worked with iconic lifestyle brands like Playboy and Canyon Ranch, and now advises HATCHBEAUTY, is the first to admit that the term “brand” is not only overused, but also incorrectly used. United is an airline, but Virgin is a brand. Why? Hefner, who worked to develop the valuable intersection of credible health and wellness and spa pampering, or lifestyle, under the Canyon Ranch umbrella, is a bona fide brand guru. Whether a brand is top of mind in the market, or simply packs a powerful emotional punch, Hefner offers strategies to extend and leverage a brand so that it both adds to the brand bank and supports the appeal of the core brand. She charts the relationship of social media and brand management and explains the integral role branding plays in issues of corporate responsibility and trust. Calling on her varied experiences with intellectual property, reputation, risk and social responsibility, Hefner delivers a comprehensive guide to brand management that is as exciting for audiences to follow (Netflix vs. Amazon vs. Apple) as its strategies are easy to implement.

How is polarization making it harder to be an American President? What is the media’s role in electing a President? What is happening to the culture in Washington? Should people be afraid? What do you need to do to get things done? Why are what were once highly regarded institutions being swallowed up and collapsing right in front of us? Widely acclaimed talk radio host Hugh Hewitt brings an extensive background in government and politics to offer a thoughtful and stimulating analysis of these hard-hitting questions. As the landscape and environment of journalism and the media have undergone extraordinary change and transformation, Hewitt explores many of the modern paradigms of reportage and the impacts of perpetuated bias and lack of transparency in the media. He also takes an in-depth look at the longstanding social and political impacts of modern journalism on our society today.

In the eight years between 2009 and 2016, Facebook went from an also-ran to a world-influencing juggernaut that had grown its users by ten times and revenue by 100 times. Hoefflinger was at Facebook during that time and can dissect what happened, how it happened, and what we can learn from it with an insider’s perspective. Taking lessons from his book Becoming Facebook, Hoefflinger will help you find your "inner Zuck," grow products via your North Star Metric, build big businesses by democratizing something for customers of all sizes, disrupt yourself before someone else does, play the long game, and win the talent wars.

With 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley and having worked for several of them and written the book Becoming Facebook about one of them, Hoefflinger will share three leadership lessons from seven legendary CEOs: Intel’s Andy Grove, Apple’s Steve Jobs, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Alphabet’s Larry Page, Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla and SpaceX’s Elon Musk. Give missions back their good name, learn the only way to really innovate, and discover how to win at the one thing that matters most.

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