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Guy demystifies social media in this speech and makes social media a useful and powerful marketing tool. Many people believe that Guy’s book by the same name is the best book ever written about social media.

TV is dead! At least that what many people at the forefront of new media believe. The shift from linear, "appointment" viewing to on-line, on-demand, and mobile access of content has changed the dynamics of not only the entertainment business - but also the global news industry. Most of the leading networks have been incredibly slow in embracing the potential of the latest technology and trends, from social networking and crowd sourcing, to citizen journalism and new delivery systems. What does this mean for those who want information instantly, accurately, and globally? Riz Khan has watched the transforming landscape of news and offers an insightful perspective on where the traditional news business is missing key opportunities and losing "eyeballs". The survival of news as a reliable and impartial service is very much at stake.

The media can be a friend or foe to business - depending on how it is engaged. In many cases, great stories get overlooked, while less engaging issues seem to dominate the airwaves and front pages. Understanding how the media works is a key factor in making sure a business or related issues not only survive but thrive. Having interviewed some of the leading global figures in the business world, Riz Khan has witnessed how managers can commit grave errors that can seriously affect their bottom line. Through examples of how big business has gone wrong - as well as its successes - Khan candidly explores the relationship between the journalist and the interviewee - and how that dynamic can change. It's a valuable insight looking behind the closed doors of the media.

Vox first launched online in 2014. By February 2016, it was getting more than 300 million content views a month across a range of platforms and blazing new trails in digital journalism. As founder and editor-in-chief, Ezra Klein spends much of his time thinking about how the new business is changing and how to make Vox a beneficiary of those changes, rather than a victim of them. In this engaging and informative presentation, Klein shares stories from behind-the-scenes of a 21st Century digital news publication, and offers insights to audiences on:

-           What it means to be a truly digital organization

-           How to create an institutional culture that can evolve and adapt quickly

-           Why people often mistake cultural problems for technological ones

The old journalistic establishment is dying from a series of self-inflicted wounds: arrogance, inaccuracy, blandness, and the failure to adapt to a digital revolution that is slowly strangling newspapers. A reporter who predicted that newspapers faced irrelevance in the early 1990s, Howard Kurtz offers a cold-eyed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the YouTube age and whether print publications can survive.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 speeches.
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