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In an up-close-and-personal format, Jim Lehrer sits down for a candid discussion on a wide range of topics including current events around the world, the 21st Century information revolution, the on-going coarsening of public discourse, the state of journalism in America today, the importance of national service and much more. He gives audiences the facts and context for today’s events and helps them to understand the complex and often confusing avalanche of unfiltered news and information that besieges the public each day. A respected journalist renowned for his objectivity, Lehrer enjoys and looks forward to taking questions from the audience about topics and issues of importance to them.

Yonit Levi discusses the digital revolution and how consumer based social coverage brings forth the need for companies to be quick and transparent when public criticism is thrown their way.

Using her twenty year experience on live television and ten years of being a panel moderator at prestigious national and international conferences, Levi can moderate any panel dealing with geopolitics, history, feminism, religion, social and economic divides.

In a blink of an eye, new technologies come to the force and become the bright, shiny object of the moment. But how can you identify which to pay attention to, and which you can safely can ignore? If you knew everything about tomorrow, what would you do differently today? Few people are as well-equipped to answer this question as Martin Lindstrom.

Lindstrom — who predicted the arrival of Facebook two years ahead of time, described Google’s revenue model 2 years before the search engine revealed it, and pioneered the role of brands on the Internet months after the world wide web went live in 1994 — takes the audience through a fast-paced look into the future before pulling the hand brake and asking the toughest questions of them all.

What should your company do in order to create a future-proof brand and social strategy reflecting the fast changing needs as generation Z and Y push social media to completely new boundaries?

This speech is designed to educate and prepare you for the necessary transformative action. Lindstrom explores underlying technologies that drive trends and create a solid framework arming your organization with a social roadmap for the future.

You will learn:

  • The five surprising steps brands needs to take in order to stay relevant as Old School Social Media transforms
  • Why an average teen takes 17 selfies every morning before they head to school and what this means for your brand
  • How social media has become the new bedroom wall and what it takes for your brand to secure a role on the new digital wall
  • Why the Screenagers have destroyed their bedroom desk and what this fundamental lifestyle change means for every consumer business
  • Why a smart social media strategy is all about establishing transition points in consumer’s lives

In 2015 Martin Lindstrom was hired by NBC’s Today Show to turn around mom-and-pop stores in just 24 hours. Operating under NBC’s News section everything has to be real, no cheating, cutting, or acting. Only one year later, every single business Martin touched has turned into a success story. A near bankrupt food truck turned into a national restaurant chain. A corner store became a national sensation. All based on simple, yet immensely powerful, advice from the world’s #1 branding expert.

The questions Lindstrom always asks — if you only had a marketing budget of $1000 what would you do — are mind-blowing. As are his answers. He takes the audience through a raft of industries, sharing one nugget after another on what to do when a crisis is looming.

Lindstrom's speech is 100% customized to the client. And so is every case. The advice and example Lindstrom shares with his audiences can turn a brand around. A simple turn of the window mannequin’s heads equals to a 4% sales increase. A bump in the floor wakes up shoppers and makes them spend 7% more. A simple headline change can increase online traffic 9%. A simple technique on Instagram can turn your brand into a 'power brand' overnight.

Lindstrom’s advice is surprisingly hands on and applicable to every business.

You will learn:

  • The five simple steps capable of getting your brand out of a crisis
  • Highly unusual techniques to build a power brand from scratch — with almost no budget
  • How to use dimensions of social media few knew was possible
  • How things you’d never think of can jeopardize your business…
  • … or if used to your benefit create a national sensation
  • Why a fresh look at your business is worth more than what a dozen consultants will tell you

Silicon Valley venture capitalists have a name for start-ups that achieve a valuation of more than $1 billion. They’re called “unicorns.” These hard-charging young companies generate massive wealth for investors – and they do it by wreaking havoc on bigger, more established rivals.

How do these Davids outcompete the Goliaths? What’s in their DNA that makes them special? What can we learn from them? Veteran tech journalist Dan Lyons reckoned the best way to crack the unicorn code was to work for one of these companies and experience start-up culture firsthand. This is a heartfelt talk about reinvention, innovation, and creativity, as well as a guide for how to survive – and even thrive – in an era of chaos and change.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 speeches.
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