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Industrial Revolution 2.0—it's the next turning point in human history and we’re right in the middle of it.

Industrial Revolution 2.0 has been about the birth, adolescence and young adulthood of the Internet. It's been about communicating, relating, evaluating and buying. From social media to the Maker Movement, this revolution has shifted the way we live, work and interact with one another. It revolves around the newfound global accessibility of making our own solutions. Creator of one of TIME magazine’s “Top 50 Inventions” with little more than $70 of over-the-counter supplies, Mick Ebeling is uniquely qualified to discuss the factors that make this the most exciting time in modern history, and how to leverage those factors for the benefit of business and the betterment of society.

Every day, we hear new stories about data: how much there is, how fast it moves, how it’s used for good or ill. Data permeates our organizations, our educational and legal systems, and our society—even our dinner-table conversation. Now that we live in a data-rich world, we need to educate ourselves about what we can do—as leaders, citizens and consumers—to use it to our best advantage.

As leaders, we crave insight that we can use to make decisions, yet we fear the risks associated with data collection. As individuals, we crave utility and convenience, yet we simultaneously fear loss of control over our privacy and our digital identities.

In clear and engaging language and with relevant, timely examples, this talk explains just why we struggle with these topics, and proposes a framework to better understand and address how we extract insight from data; and how we use it in such a way as to earn and protect trust: the trust of customers, constituents, patients and partners.

Earl Warren, former chief justice of the United States, once said, “In civilized life, law floats in a sea of ethics.” As data becomes ubiquitous, more integrated and more portable, the morass of ethical issues will only grow. Leaders who are versed in these issues will be better prepared to address them head-on, and, in doing so, protect the trust and loyalty of their customers and shareholders, and the good will of their communities.

In engaging language and with relevant, timely examples, industry analyst Susan Etlinger distills the discussion of digital ethics and data privacy into a clear framework that leaders can use to address existing digital ethics issues and plan for emerging ones. She brings together perspectives from academia, law, policy, corporations and data scientists to shed light on the current and emerging legal and ethical issues related to data collection, aggregation, analysis, storage and usage, and the way we communicate about these practices.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 speeches.
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