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Data. Our lives are surrounded by it and it only grows as technology encompasses our lives. Whether documents, emails, social media artifacts, images, medical records, web search information or collecting information on human behavior like how people drive to work or even use their thermostats, many leaders have a hard time trying to figure out how—and what—to evaluate when using big data to determine organizational strategy, enhancing products or simply making life better for consumers. Drawing on his experiences leading efforts as the CIO of the United States and as the EVP for emerging markets for, Vivek Kundra illuminates audiences on the power and opportunities that lie within big data. From how data is being used to transform transportation, education and health care to how information is being used to make smarter products, Kundra shares:

  • How to use big data: what to pay attention to and what to avoid
  • What cutting-edge ways big data is being used to increase organizational efficiency, product design, the bottom line—and people’s lives
  • How collaboration and big data are the future of technology

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 speeches.
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