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Jeff Immelt (Exclusively WSB)

From the time he took the reins at General Electric, Jeff Immelt understood that in order to remain competitive, the company needed to do two things: innovatively leverage technologies that would allow GE and their customers to achieve leaps in productivity, and enter faster-growing markets around the world at scale. He succeeded at both, transforming GE from an industrial titan into the first digital industrial one by building a strong digital platform and establishing leadership in the Industrial Internet. He also greatly expanded the company’s global presence—today, more than 60% of its revenue comes from outside the U.S. In this engaging presentation, Immelt explains how to build a digital, global company that can withstand change and foster sustainable growth.

Ron Insana (Exclusively WSB)

Despite an unbridled optimism about America’s future, Ron Insana believes recent developments in the United States do raise concerns that the renewed ascent of the American economy could face some serious threats in the near and intermediate-term. In this presentation, Insana addresses these issues head on to ensure that corporations, financial firms, markets and even our government do not become complacent about risk. Complacency is the most pernicious enemy of progress, and with that in mind, he has outlined five factors for audience members to takeaway that he believes are necessary to acknowledge as the United States continues its recovery from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

They are:

  • Global Deflation
  • An Unfriendly Fed
  • A New Cold War/A New Hot War
  • A Loss of Energy
  • America’s Age of Austerity

All of these issues are simmering beneath the surface of an economic rebound, and Insana feels he would be remiss if he did not raise some cautionary flags to audience members in an effort to highlight the factors that could shake the very foundations of “Fortress America."

Ron Insana (Exclusively WSB)

In a country suffering from post-traumatic economic stress, where 61% of Americans believe the next generation will be the first to have a lower standard of living than they themselves enjoyed, Ron Insana reminds Americans that the country is, and will always be, a “Field of Dreams”. America is a country that brings forth opportunities to all and constantly re-invents its ability to imagine and innovate. The United States leads the world in innovation, and innovation and entrepreneurialism create high-paying, value-added jobs. Insana knows that talking about the American Dream though is not enough. In this thought-provoking presentation, he dares Americans to reimagine the dream, re-build its foundations and re-direct its course. A financial expert, Insana offers unique perspectives and thoughtful analysis as he explores topics with the audience from conversations around energy independence and the latest technologies, to foreign investors and political leadership. He encourages the audience to rethink the world we live in and strive to update American systems to that the economy can grow at its fullest potential—and with that restore opportunity for today and for the future.

Ron Insana (Exclusively WSB)

Now that Donald Trump is President, “Trumponomics” are the order of the day.

Counter to what the experts predicted (shock!), stocks sold off only briefly on election night and since then, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has made a succession of new all-time highs. So what is Wall Street telling us about Washington and how will Washington, or a Trump presidency, affect Wall Street? (and even Main Street?) If, indeed, the President rolls back 70% of all federal regulations, as promised, the first beneficiaries will be financials and pharma, banks and bio-tech. If tax rates are slashed, wealthy individuals and U.S. corporations with benefit big-league!

But there will be downsides to a Trump presidency, as well.

A trade war with Mexico and China could lead to a deep recession and intense pain for companies that either do business in those countries or rely on the international supply chain to obtain goods and services from around the world. There will likely be faster growth but more inflation. There may be higher rates and a new head of the Fed! The short-run reaction on Wall Street has been positive, but what about the long-run implications for Wall Street, Main Street and Washington?

Ron Insana does a deep dive into uncharted waters to help you navigate a new economy that may have islands of prosperity in what may well be very turbulent waters.


Showing 1 - 4 of 4 speeches.
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