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The man behind the widely publicized—and startling—2013 report on the Chinese military making cyber incursions into top US companies and government entities, there are few leaders of Kevin Mandia’s experience that can help organizations understand the complexities behind threats that lurk in our vitally important online world. In this thoughtful presentation, Mandia discussed the latest cyber security issues dominating today’s headlines and what businesses can do to proactively protect themselves from these threats.

In this timely discussion, Denis McDonough offers keen insight and analysis of the current geopolitical landscape, with special attention on national security and the threats raised by the increasing role of cyber warfare. Addressing how Russia, China, and other global hot spots fit into a shifting foreign policy landscape, McDonough explores America’s role as the world enters a new era in diplomacy, and the implications for businesses operating around the globe.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation Michael McFaul takes audiences inside the crisis in Ukraine and the Russian presence in Crimea. He explains why and how this crisis occurred and analyzes the long-term security and economic implications of this new era in Russia’s relations with the West. What effect will the sanctions have? Should they be stronger? How do Russia’s
actions impact the ongoing war in Syria and the Iran nuclear agreement? How is this new era similar to and different from the Cold War? McFaul sheds light upon one of the greatest challenges to European—and global—stability in several decades, explaining not only the political implications but also the impact it could have on your business.

Governments, businesses, global financial systems and infrastructures are increasingly vulnerable on a broad scale to a cyber attack which could essentially bring not only the U.S. but a major part of the industrialized world to parade rest.  Unfortunately most people and businesses don't feel the intensity of these threats because they seem so abstract and they don't understand the effect of a wide-scale cyber attack on their daily lives.   Admiral Mullen discusses with audiences the challenges facing leaders in all arenas to understand the cyber threat and why it cannot be delegated to some part of an organization. Leaders have to understand it because leaders make decisions about investment, policies and regulations and the major vulnerability to cyber attacks is commercially. He explains how the challenges are only going to significantly increase and why this should be one of America's top concerns.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 speeches.
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