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As the leader of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the governor of New Jersey, Whitman has wrestled with some of the most challenging public policy issues confronting government, business and the scientific community today. The public’s expectation of what government and business should be doing to contribute to the protection of our natural environment is undergoing rapid and significant change. In a provocative and informative presentation, Whitman explores the most complex environmental challenges facing America and the world today and helps audiences:

  • Better understand the environmental challenges they face daily
  • Understand the role that the government plays in shaping public policy
  • More effectively develop the strategies they need to do their part

The U.S. is under attack from a variety of nation-state actors and this has implications for business professionals as well as Americans in their private lives.  General Williams provides his perspective on the current cyber threat landscape, discusses challenges that we have as a nation in addressing this threat and provides his perspective on how business leaders and technical professionals can work better together to counter the increasingly sophisticated cyber threat.

Brett Williams’ keynote helps close the gap in language, perception and understanding between senior executives and the technical people charged with defending our networks.  He is an expert at identifying the key technical cybersecurity issues and translating those issues into the language of business.  Brett equips his audience to ask the CIO and CISO tough questions, and more importantly, to understand the answers.  Each keynote is customized to the audience and includes a discussion of the current threat environment, costs associated with a breach, an executive primer on current cyber defense techniques and suggestions on how to identify the essential elements of a good cyber defense program.  Every participant will walk out the door with specific action items they can immediately put into action.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 speeches.
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