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Easy money is having diminishing effect after years of accommodative policies. Dr. Raghuram Rajan weighs the significant risks incorporated by doing much more, with the difficulties of exiting from easy money. Not only will the first central bank that moves face significant costs, they could also be accused of failing their domestic mandate of maintaining inflation at reasonable levels. Dr. Rajan discusses possible ways policy could evolve, as well as the consequences to global asset prices, inflation and risk.    

U.S. wages are at their lowest level in more than 20 years and workers are growing tired of a stagnant economy. Globalization, coupled with structural economic changes, have created an environment that often rewards capital at a greater rate than it does labor – and workers around the world are, increasingly, saying “enough!” From Brexit to the U.S. election, middle class workers are making their voices heard. Trish Regan examines the policies that need to be enacted now to help change the fate of U.S. workers and strengthen our middle class, while simultaneously encouraging companies to invest in the world’s greatest economy.

Robert Reich (Exclusively WSB)

Robert Reich answers critical questions regarding the economic outlook—both in America and abroad—while expertly weaving in his perspective on global economics, finance and politics. Host of the widely acclaimed documentary Inequality for All, Reich examines widening inequality and the consequences for the economy and for democracy with respect to the various choices we have for dealing with it. In a paradigm-shifting and nonpartisan manner, he looks at evidence in the United States and similar trends around the world to share a positive vision for tackling this disparity and getting America on the right track towards growth. Reich brings his experience and analytic prowess to bear on solutions for how Congress and other governments can spur growth, and summarizes the economic, financial, regulatory and political lessons likely to emerge from the recession, as well as how we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Christina Romer (Exclusively WSB)

In this presentation, Christina Romer focuses her remarks on the outlook for the U.S. economy and monetary policy both in the near term and over the next few years.  She discusses with audiences current conditions, the outlook for inflation, employment and growth, the debate over secular stagnation and America’s long-run prospects.  A key theme is the uncertainty surrounding the forecasts.  The crisis has upended some key relationships forecasters have traditionally relied upon; and there are many risks to the outlook that are hard to quantify and predict, such as slowing growth in China and possible default in Greece.  Romer addresses the implications of the outlook and uncertainty for monetary policy, focusing on both what the Federal Reserve is likely to do and why uncertainty makes it important for them to move cautiously.

Christina Romer (Exclusively WSB)

This talk focuses on the lessons learned for monetary policy from the recent crisis and possible strategies for monetary policy going forward.  It covers such topics as the difficulties of expectations management, the role of monetary policy in ensuring financial stability, and the interaction of monetary and fiscal policy. Though much of the content focuses on what has happened with American monetary policy and what we can expect in the future, Romer discusses recent developments in Europe, Japan and the United Kingdom. It also touches on the delicate issue of the repercussions of American monetary policy for emerging economies.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 speeches.
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