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During this eye-opening presentation, Forrest Sawyer takes on the hottest issues of the day. He makes sense of the headlines and clarifies complicated events, while sharing the wisdom and perspective that only a media veteran of his quality could possess.

Steve Schmidt (Exclusively WSB)

As one of the most prominent and significant political strategists in the country, Schmidt gives audiences a candid insider’s perspective on the political news of the day and what it all means from Main Street to Wall Street to Capitol Hill and beyond. With no subject off-limits, Schmidt brings his experience, passion, wit and behind-the-scenes anecdotes to the table for a lively discussion on today's headlines and the issues facing a Republican Congress and the Trump Administration.

Wendy Sherman, the successful lead negotiator for the multilateral, complex deal with Iran, reveals strategies and tactics from her years of high-level international diplomacy that can help you achieve successful outcomes in business negotiations in a global economy and marketplace.

As U.S. under secretary of state for political affairs, Ambassador Wendy Sherman became responsible for overseeing the United States’ diplomacy in every region of the world during her time at the State Department from 2011–2015. Sherman is able to offer a unique insider’s view of where the world is headed in the years ahead and how that will affect global business.

Ambassador Wendy Sherman, lead negotiator on the recently reached Iran deal, and named by The Jerusalem Post as the fourth most influential Jew in the world, sizes up the U.S. relationship with Israel, Iran and the Middle East in a point/counterpoint with another panelist.

Mark Shields (Exclusively WSB)

After years of managing campaigns from the courthouse to the White House, Mark Shields is one of the most widely recognized commentators in the United States. Syndicated columnist and lifelong journalist—considered by many to be the gold standard—Shields shares firsthand accounts and impressions of the current state of Washington politics and presents them against the backdrop of American history. With special emphasis on the Trump Administration and Congress, his insightful, perceptive, and often humorous analysis of today’s political headlines—and the impact they will have on Americans in the years to come—will entertain and inform audiences.


Alan Simpson (Exclusively WSB)

With his trademark candor and wit, Alan Simpson provides his insights on the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, what’s going on in Congress, and possible sensible policy options for reforming immigration, the tax code, addressing the national deficit and debt, and assuring the solvency of Social Security. From his vantage point as the Co-Chairman of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, Simpson provides his candid take on the hard and tough decisions that lie ahead for America’s new leaders. Always unafraid to speak his mind and a favorite of political media due to his humor and honesty, he Simpson sets his sights on American politics and the future of our Country and the Republican Party.

The sharp recent turn in the U.S.-Russia relationship has driven a stake into what was left of a gasping effort on both sides to find common ground. Washington is focused on punishing Russia for its annexation of Crimea, its support of Syrian repression and, above all, its meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The narrative in Moscow, meanwhile, paints the United States as an overreaching power actively expanding the West’s footholds around Russia’s borders with an ultimate goal of regime change in the Kremlin itself. It’s not just that neither side knows how to get relations back on track, it’s that neither side wants to.

But can such an important relationship get even worse? Will the tensions over fake news and cyberspace spill over into nuclear re-armament or open hostilities? What guidance do the Cold War and post-Soviet relations offer to limit the risks and secure at least some cooperation on challenges of nuclear proliferation, energy policy or climate change?

Michael Smerconish’s daily interaction with his listeners across the country gives him a grassroots perspective on the critical matters facing our country from the state of our economy, the budget deficit, the future of health care and immigration to the divisiveness of political partisanship and civil discourse across the country. Using the perfect blend of analysis and humor, he delivers an engaging, thought-provoking and balanced dialogue on today’s issues, the 2016 Presidential election and the possible long-term implications of the polarization in politics over the coming years.

Showing 1 - 10 of 16 speeches.
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