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David Wade has seen how politics in America and across the world are being challenged and transformed as never before, at a time when the only thing not moving faster are institutions’ ability to meet the demands of restive populations. Wade takes an audience inside the churn of global governance as we approach 2020, and offers insights into the smartest leaders—in business, politics, and government—who meet the challenge head-on.

In the twenty years that David Wade has been active in politics, government, foreign policy, and business, the very nature of communications has been transformed by technology, time, and transparency. Wade has lived the journey from traditional communications to today’s ever unfolding, balkanized world of media outlets and social media. He’s seen its impact on world events—not just in the United States but also from Tahrir Square in Egypt to Brexit in Europe. From the unique vantage point of a political and policy professional who has both shaped and been impacted by the changing communications inside and outside of government, Wade offers his insights into how to stay on the right side of communicating with your audience in the modern environment.

The greatest challenge for any company is not just keeping its current customers happy, but anticipating the needs of its future consumer base. Exposed to a childhood of data-driven experiences, the AI generation will interact, transact and communicate in ways you least expect. But that is only half your challenge.

Generational change in your workplace is also inevitable. Your future co-workers and employees will both test the limits of your management models as well as challenge your traditional beliefs about your company culture. Will you be ready for them?

America's foremost political commentator and columnist George F. Will presents penetrating and incisive commentary on the Washington political scene, offering a glimpse into what the future holds for public affairs, public policy and American society.

Bob Woodruff began his journalism career as an international correspondent based in the Far East. This perspective on world and U.S. headlines has informed his reporting ever since: he was a leading voice overseas after the 9-11 attacks and understands the challenges faced throughout the Middle East. Additionally, his take on Iraq is informed not only by his experiences as a journalist and the troubles they face, the difficulty of getting stories and locating the truth amidst the chaos, but also by his having been the victim of terrorist violence while on assignment. Woodruff brings this highly nuanced international perspective to today's world headlines, giving audiences a viewpoint on issues that may not be readily available to them, including a look at how the Trump Administration and Congress are viewed abroad and what it all means at home.

Judy Woodruff's presentation draws from major national and international stories and provides an inside perspective of the politics in play. Each speech is customized to the event, discussing events and issues the audience cares about, in an insightful and engaging way. With years of experience as a broadcast political journalist, she gives her take on reporting and interacting with the Washington political scene.

Addressing these questions, among others: What exactly was Watergate? Why was there a Watergate? Why did it take over two years of revelations before President Nixon Resigned? What are the five main wars of Watergate? What lessons did Republicans understand? What lessons did Republicans miss? Did Democrats understand and miss different lessons? How did Watergate define scandals such as Iran-contra and Whitewater? Is Trump headed into his Watergate? Is Trump equipped or capable of avoiding scandals? Is the power of the presidency, fully mobilized, able to thwart independent/special counsel investigations? What is the likely outcome?

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 speeches.
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