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Having led a wide-ranging, tireless and effective 36-year career, Chris Dodd speaks with authority on issues of vital importance to America’s future. As the author of some of the most significant pieces of legislation to be enacted over the last quarter century, Dodd discusses the impact that Washington will have on business, the economy, foreign policy and many other issues. Topic areas include:

  • Business, the Economy and Washington: A Look at Dodd-Frank’s Impact on America
  • Health Care Reform: The Effects on the Business and Consumer Landscape
  • Consumer Credit: Reform in the Age of Plastic
  • The Future of Latin America: Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Policy in the Hemisphere
  • A Family Affair: The Impact of FMLA and Washington’s Role in Helping Families

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) remained at the forefront of the U.S. legislative and political conversation for the duration of President Obama’s two terms in office. A leader in the development and negotiation of the ACA, Jason Furman answers the question on everyone’s mind as the Trump Administration moves forward with plans for repeal and a commitment to eventual replacement: What will these changes mean for me? At the same time, health-care delivery systems nationwide are undergoing major changes as providers are increasingly being paid for value and savings, not just for duplicative care, contributing to a dramatic slowdown in health spending. In this timely and important discussion, Furman provides experienced analysis on the future of health-care reform and the economic implications of repeal.

The expansion of health insurance for the uninsured and more generous insurance for the already insured will cause a huge increase in demand for care, especially primary care, and no increase in supply. The waiting lines will grow at the doctor’s office, at the emergency room and everywhere else. Those who can afford it will turn to concierge doctors, to avoid rationing by waiting. But this will make the problem worse for everyone else. Anyone in a plan that pays below market will be pushed to the rear of the waiting lines.

At the same time, the need to control costs will bring about another form of rationing. There will be enormous pressure to deny patients treatments until they have been proved to be effective. Since most of what doctors do today is not “evidence based,” patients may be denied access to therapies that they currently take for granted.

Here is what must be changed: (1) a mandate to buy something whose cost will grow at twice the rate of growth of our incomes, (2) a bizarre subsidy system that will force a complete restructuring of American industry, (3) a health insurance exchange in which insurers will have perverse incentives to over-provide to the healthy and under-provide to the sick, (4) an exchange in which individuals will have an incentive to wait until they are sick to purchase coverage, get their medical bills paid, and then drop coverage again, (5) a tattered social safety net, with greater demands for subsidized care and less money to meet those demands, and (6) impossible spending cuts for the elderly.

Here is what needed change will look like: A workable system of subsides for private insurance and a health insurance marketplace in which insurers are encourage to compete to take care of the sick, as well as the healthy.

In 2012, the federal government will require one out of every 10 dollars of general income tax revenues to keep its promises to seniors under Social Security and Medicare. That means to balance the budget, the federal government will have to stop doing one in every 10 other things it has been doing.

By 2020, the federal government will have to stop doing one in every four things it has been doing, if seniors are to get all their promised benefits. By 2030, about the midpoint of the baby boomer retirement years, the federal government will have to stop doing almost one in every two things it does today. There is only one way out of this crisis: move to a funded retirement system in which each generation saves and invests and pays its own way.

There is only one reliable way to reduce costs, increase quality and improve access to care: rely on the power of competitive markets. That means giving patients control over health care dollars and allowing providers to compete on price, quality and the convenience of care. Where ever third-party payers are not dominant, we see the power of this approach: cosmetic surgery, Lazik surgery, walk-in clinics, mail order drug houses, telephone and email consulting services, concierge doctors, international medical tourism and in the emerging market for domestic medical tourism. Where the greatest opportunity exists: chronic illness.

As the former President and CEO of GE Healthcare, Jeff Immelt has long believed that healthcare must be married to technology. He understands the major dynamics of today’s marketplace: the desire to better link consumers and providers, the rising costs as people live longer, and the increasing need for payment reform. He articulates how these are further complicated by political instability and regular disruption. Immelt offers audiences unparalleled insight into the future of the industry—and explains how decisions made in Washington will impact business writ large.  

One of America’s most successful public-sector executives and one of the most outspoken voices for integrity in public-service leadership, former governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal draws on an exceptional career and will engage in wide-ranging discussion on critical issues impacting businesses and the future of our country. His presentations are customized for each audience. Jindal examines issues and shares keen insight on topics such as:

  • The future of America
  • How leaders can swiftly and effectively implement change and lead others with strength through times of crisis
  • The national energy crisis, resources and proposed policy solutions
  • Bold and innovative health care policy reform solutions
  • Religious liberty and personal, inspiring stories around his own spiritual journey from Hinduism to Christianity

Recognized as one of the boldest innovators in the health care sector, Bobby Jindal addresses the dramatic and chaotic changes taking place in the U.S. and around the world as costs continue to rise and complex systems no longer permit fragmented care. This chaotic environment will continue to evolve if and when the Affordable Care Act is repealed and replaced. In this enlightening presentation, Jindal shares his experience from a career serving others in both the private and public sectors and addresses the necessity of moving away from a “one-size-fits-all” health care system to one that empowers patients, lowers costs, and allows for increasing flexibility, customized benefits, and premium sharing. Jindal explains how he managed change in the face of major disruption caused by the implementation and maintenance of the ACA, and identifies innovative methods your audience can adopt to implement impactful change.

Sam Kass understands that health care remains one of the leading costs corporations face today. Infusing wit and candor to captivate audiences with personal stories from inside the White House, Kass offers unique and informative perspectives on the tools and initiatives organizations can implement today to combat these losses. As the former executive director of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” campaign and former senior White House policy advisor for nutrition policy, Kass worked with both Congress and the private sector to shape strategic national policies and launch a global discussion. He firmly believes for corporations to successfully address the related costs of health care, executives must first instill a higher value on both employee and customer health. He addresses wellness issues that directly impact your bottom line and explores opportunities that exist for your organization by way of the latest up-and-coming health care developments. Having been a driving force at the forefront of health policy in the United States and an enduring catalyst for global change, Kass earnestly speaks to the issues that bear most on your audience in this thought-provoking and informative presentation.

Showing 11 - 20 of 53 speeches.
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