The Second City Works

One of the World's Most Famous Comedy Troupes

For 50 years, The Second City has been North America’s foremost comedy theater. Our unique brand of social and political satire mixed with improvisation has delighted audiences all over the world. The skills we use to create the world’s best satire and comedy are the same skills we teach every day to many of the world’s most successful corporations, helping them become more innovative, team driven and nimble organizations.

We use humor and open conversation to honestly identify challenges, and improv learning techniques that build both individual and team skills to address those challenges. In fact, because everything we do in improvisation is about enabling the ensemble, teamwork is an inescapable outcome of our work.

Behind “the funny” is a powerful learning methodology and a sensibility that gets to the truth in any situation, which is what makes us funny in the first place. Our mission with our corporate clients is to bring a little humanity and authenticity back into business, because our experience shows that humanity trumps fear, and when fear is gone, it is possible to create, innovate and connect powerfully.