Chris Bashinelli

United Nations Speaker, National Geographic Young Explorer, PBS TV Host and Cross-Cultural Expert

For socially conscious members of the modern world, Chris Bashinelli- the Cross-Cultural-Explorer, takes us on an introspective adventure- walking in the shoes of people halfway around the world and encouraging us to think differently about our lives. Bash is a relatable everyman- who forged his own unique path in life. He’s a Kid from Brooklyn who gave up an acting career (The Sopranos, HBO), to follow his real passion- using media to bridge intercultural gaps around the world. Whether he’s speaking on stage with Stevie Wonder, interviewing Dr. Jane Goodall for PBS, or living as a nomad in Mongolia for National Geographic, Bash keeps us engaged, entertained, and inspires compassion for “the other”.

Bash’s unapologetic energy, humor, and compassion have made him a go- to speaker everywhere from multi-million dollar corporations to Ivy League Universities, to the United Nations General Assembly Hall. He has interviewed some of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People on the Planet and is an Eagle Scout. At 24 years old he became the youngest male ever to moderate the UN International Day of Peace. Bash is a vanguard for all things service, productivity and cultural exchange.

Bash’s mission in life is to create a Culture of Compassion. The fire behind his unquenchable thirst for change, stems from the life of his parents, and his late father- Stephen Bashinelli, who passed away in 2009. An Actor-turned-Activist, he throws himself into hi-stakes scenarios on TV with no holds barred. He has harvested Buffalo with Native Americans in Pine Ridge, walked miles for clean water in Haiti and worked side by side with individuals from countless corners of the Earth. With humor and humility, Chris presents us with a new way of looking at the world.