Mike Rogers

Chairman, U.S. House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI, 2011–2015); Member of Congress; Former FBI Special Agent; Trident Capital Cybersecurity Fund Advisory Council; IronNet Cybersecurity Board of Directors; Host, Something to Think About with Mike Rogers; CNN National Security Contributor; Host and Executive Producer, Declassified (July 2016)

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As former chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Mike Rogers spent over a decade shaping critical cybersecurity, counterterrorism and national security policies in the United States and dealt with some of the most sensitive issues to face the nation. He is widely respected by both Republicans and Democrats for his leadership—Washington Post columnist David Ignatius called him “a rare example of bipartisanship.”

Today, he remains at the center of crucial debates on critical issues serving as a regular CNN national security commentator. He is the host and executive producer of the CNN documentary-style original series Declassified where he offers viewers unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access to America’s most covert and newly declassified missions across the globe. Rogers gained additional insider perspective traveling the globe, and his invaluable insight and experience help both individuals and organizations better understand the critical issues that impact their daily lives and operations.

As a former member of the U.S. Congress representing Michigan’s 8th Congressional District, officer in the U.S. Army, and special agent in the FBI, Rogers is uniquely positioned to influence national discussions and offer expert analysis on diverse political and national security-related subjects.

Rogers brings astute and relevant insight on pressing issues of international relations, as particularly relevant to his experiences working closely with the European Union Commission and EU Parliament on critical transnational security issues.

His participation as the National Security Senior Advisor to the Trump transition team provides him with unique insight into the incoming administration and the next President of the United States.

Rogers is a senior fellow at Harvard University, a distinguished fellow and member of the Board of Trustees at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, a distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute, and a member of the Advisory Board for George Mason University’s National Security and Law Policy Institute.

With his distinct style and candid wit, he offers audiences unparalleled insights and analysis on current events.