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John Heilemann - Insightful, engaging with a touch of humor! What more can we ask for from a speaker? Join participants for cocktails and dinner and continue to answer questions throughout the evening? Check that off, too! Thank you, John, for keynoting last week's III Senior Delegates Roundtable. Your comments, as well as your replies to questions from the participants, were forthright and instructive. Not surprisingly, the session earned high marks from all. We appreciate your willingness to participate in the dialogue and look forward to welcoming you to another Institute podium in the future.
Institutional Investor Magazine
John Heilemann was absolutely great! Aside from his insightful speech, he graciously answered questions and signed books. We are really looking forward to seeing him again soon.
New York Bankers Association

John Heilemann

Co-author, Game Change and Double Down: Game Change 2012; National Affairs Editor and Columnist, New York Magazine; Political Analyst, MSNBC
One of America’s most respected political reporters and commentators, John Heilemann offers his wit, savvy and insider’s take on the Obama Administration, the future of the Republican party and politics in America.
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With the 2012 elections behind us and the 2014 mid-term elections rapidly approaching, John Heilemann surveys the battlefield, explaining how all sides see the upcoming issues facing America and their strategies and solutions to solving the looming fiscal crisis to reducing the deficit. Drawing on his two decades covering American politics and policy, Heilemann offers both an insider’s take, bringing audiences into both parties’ war rooms, and a far-seeing analysis of this moment of political and economic upheaval. With bracing candor and sparkling wit, Heilemann connects the dots between events in Washington and the larger forces outside the Beltway, takes on the big questions — How will President Obama govern? What is the future of the Republican Party? And what about the Tea Party? — and explains the repercussions for governing in the months and years to come.

Game Over: The New New Normal

As Washington remains locked in a state of paralysis and the economy struggles to recover from the Great Recession, much of the American public is convinced that the country is experiencing something close to total system failure. In this presentation, John Heilemann explains the factors and forces that have brought us to this place of acute partisan polarization and economic stagnation, laying blame at the feet of Democrats and Republicans alike. But all is not lost. The American electorate is nowhere near as messed up as its governing institutions, and as they demand a new way forward, one is on the horizon—which Heilemann lays out with his customary passion, enthusiasm, and sense of humor.

Meet John Heilemann

One of America’s most respected political reporters and commentators, John Heilemann offers his wit, savvy and insider’s take on the Obama Administration, the future of the Republican party and politics in America.

As New York magazine’s national affairs editor and an MSNBC political analyst, Heilemann offers unmatched insider access and a keen-eyed perspective on the broader forces shaping the electoral landscape. In his must-read “Power Grid” column, he takes readers behind closed doors from Washington to Wall Street. Heilemann is the co-author, with Mark Halperin, of Game Change, the definitive work on the 2008 election. Game Change has garnered wide-spread acclaim - HBO Films adapted the book for a movie debuting in March 2012 to an impressive 2.1 million viewers making it one of HBO’s most successful original movies ever. The HBO movie received 12 Emmy nominations and won five Emmy awards including one for outstanding TV movie. It also received five Golden Globe nominations. Heilemann and Halperin’s new book, Double Down: Game Change 2012, (November 2013) is a New York Times best-seller which chronicles the 2012 Presidential campaign offering a panoramic account of a campaign at once intensely hard fought and lastingly consequential. HBO has optioned the rights to Double Down: Game Change 2012 for a movie. Heilemann’s book, Pride Before the Fall: The Trials of Bill Gates and the End of the Microsoft Era, was honored by BusinessWeek (among others) as one of the best books of 2001. With over 20 years of experience covering the front lines of politics and the corporate world for The New Yorker, Wired and The Economist before coming to New York, Heilemann discusses not just government but the interplay between economics, business and Washington with insight and historical perspective and a look at what is ahead for the Obama Administration and the Republican Party. He appears regularly as a commentator on The Chris Matthews Show, Morning Joe, Hardball and Charlie Rose.

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