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Our event was fantastic! Professor Robert Reich was even more than I had hoped for! He was funny, engaging & genuinely nice.
W.A. Franke College of Business, Northern Arizona University
Bob did a great job. He was perfect for the group and for where public education is right now. His presentations was invigorating and he really connected with people. He is a genuine human being... I enjoyed meeting him.
Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents
Robert Reich was just delightful. Following his remarks, he did about 30 minutes of Q&A from the audience. Everyone on the Library Board seemed very pleased and the feedback from the audience at the program has been positive. All in all a great success!
Transylvania County Library
Robert was amazing! Pitch perfect. Engaging, meaningful and Inspirational. The audience never wanted to let him go. Everyone wanted pictures with him and personalized autographs. But he inspired them. He energized them. He has new followers and several people who want to take his class at Berkeley.
Laurie Spoon, Kaiser Permanente
We really enjoyed having Professor Robert Reich with us in Half Moon Bay. He was a lively and wonderful addition to the program. His greatest success (besides humor and wit!) was in speaking directly to the audience as a peer, tailoring his remarks to the crowd and making a true connection to the subject matter.
Institutional Investor Forums
Note-free eloquence, clarity, intelligence, moral centeredness, charm, humor, analysis, passion...Dr. Robert Reich was VERY impressive, and it was an extraordinary visit for which our students are very grateful. He was also gracious, praising the preparedness of our students and how much he enjoyed his time at University of Sound.
University of Puget Sound
Professor Reich was the epitome of 'wow!' His session was standing room only.
Association for Financial Professionals
The subscribers to our event really enjoyed Robert Reich's lectures! Here are just a few of their comments: ‘Robert Reich was FANTASTIC!’ ‘One of the best speakers on any topic in any venue that I've ever seen.’ ‘Kudos to your team for bringing such a gem of a speaker.’ ‘Robert Reich was the best lecture and speaker we have ever heard.’ ‘Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.’
Cambridge Speakers Series

Robert Reich

Economic Analyst; Senior Economic Contributor, CNN; Contributor, CNBC; Professor; New York Times Best-Selling Author; Advisor to Presidents and Former Secretary of Labor

Robert Reich brings his considerable knowledge and experience to the economic policy discussion—both global and domestic.

Saving Capitalism - Income Inequality and Populism

It is likely that in coming years the major fault line will shift from the old right versus left debate over the size of government to a new battle between the establishment and the anti-establishment, who see the game as rigged against them. The anti-establishment forces have been on the losing end of the economy for 30 years. Their wages have stagnated, they have had little or no opportunities for advancement, their jobs are less secure, and they worry their children won’t live as well as they do. Globalization and technological change have made them economic losers. But they’re also becoming aware that the political system that generates the rules of the economic game has been captured by those with sufficient wealth to garner more and more influence over it. So the anti-establishment is opting either for “authoritarian” populism, or for fundamental democratic reforms. The former features anti-immigrant and xenophobic movements that feed on themselves. Only the latter — genuine democratic reform — can possibly deliver what they really need. This is the fundamental choice ahead: authoritarian populism or democratic reform.

An Analysis of the Economic and Political Choices Facing America

One of the nation’s most highly respected public leaders and thinkers who has served in three national administrations, Robert Reich brings exceptional knowledge and experience to his presentations to dissect the big economic challenges Washington policy makers are facing today. With wide-sweeping experience and brilliant wit, Reich explains what’s really at stake, which policy choices are likely to be the most (or least) successful and how an increasingly complicated political landscape will impact Washington’s ability to get things done. A renowned economic expert and New York Times best-selling author, Reich has an unequivocal understanding and ability to address the issues that will have major implications for the President and on future elections. 

The Global Economy and Future Implications for America

Corporations are headquartered anywhere, brands and franchises circle the globe and talented employees come from all over the world. The emerging global economy offers unusual opportunities. But it also poses new hazards, and a downturn affects different markets in different ways. What can American and global economies do to expedite growth? How will America improve competitiveness and deal with an increasingly powerful China? The slow global recovery is obscuring one of the most important demographic and business trends in the world: the development of a new global middle class. This new middle class will create new tensions and difficult negotiations as they drive global economic shifts and place new demands on their governments. Robert Reich offers an in-depth explanation of these emerging forces and a pragmatic look at how businesses can make the most of new opportunities while minimizing risk.

Robert Reich Can Also Address the Following Topics:

  • The Economics of Energy
  • The Art and Practice of Change Insurgency
  • Helping Your Workforce Meet the New Competition
  • Brand and People Are All There Is

Bipartisan Solutions for America’s Economic Future

Robert Reich answers critical questions regarding the economic outlook—both in America and abroad—while expertly weaving in his perspective on global economics, finance and politics. Host of the widely acclaimed documentary Inequality for All, Reich examines widening inequality and the consequences for the economy and for democracy with respect to the various choices we have for dealing with it. In a paradigm-shifting and nonpartisan manner, he looks at evidence in the United States and similar trends around the world to share a positive vision for tackling this disparity and getting America on the right track towards growth. Reich brings his experience and analytic prowess to bear on solutions for how Congress and other governments can spur growth, and summarizes the economic, financial, regulatory and political lessons likely to emerge from the recession, as well as how we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Meet Robert Reich

Robert Reich brings his considerable knowledge and experience to the economic policy discussion—both global and domestic.

Reich offers a brilliant and detailed analysis of the current global economic picture, providing insight into the issues of today: the recovery—are the policy responses working, what still needs to be done and what is the five-year outlook?; global austerity measures—are they too little, too late?; growth—what parts of the world are leading the way?; jobs—where will the new ones come from and how can we prepare the workforce for them?; health care reform and energy—what are the consequences for the economy?

The author of numerous books and the host of the widely acclaimed 2013 documentary, Inequality for All, Reich lays out the pragmatic solutions that are necessary in addressing the complex economic issues that America currently faces. In 2017, Netflix announced a Netflix Original documentary, Saving Capitalism, based on Reich’s 2015 New York Times best-selling book of the same name. Reich’s latest books include Economics in Wonderland (November 2017) which includes a collection of mini essays and cartoons focused on the most important political issues of the day, and The Common Good (2018).

A senior economic contributor on CNN and one of the nation’s most respected public leaders and thinkers, Reich has served in three national administrations, most recently as secretary of labor under Bill Clinton. In a brilliant and humor-infused “call-it-like-I-see it” presentation, Reich brings his experience and analytic prowess to bear on the economic policies of the Obama administration and the country’s conventional economic wisdom, reaching insightful conclusions others simply can’t.

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Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers (2013–2017); Principal Deputy Director, National Economic Council and Assistant to President Barack Obama (2009–2013)

Editor-at-Large, Vox; Columnist, Bloomberg News and Policy Analyst/Contributor, MSNBC

Director, National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy (2011-2014 and 1997-2001); Contributing Editor, The Atlantic