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Sally Kohn

CNN Political Commentator, Daily Beast Columnist, Community Organizer and Activist

What lessons has Sally Kohn learned from being a Fox News liberal?  If community organizing made the President, what difference can it make in your life, your career and your world?  In a noisy world, how can you find your voice and be heard? 

Your Haters Vs. Your Values: How To Be Nice(r)

We have a crisis of cruelty and incivility — in our politics, our social media feeds and often in our personal lives. The election has intensified the meanness, even hate, large parts of our society feel toward others. Most of us agree that's a problem but don't know what to do about it. That's where Sally can help.

As a former left-wing lesbian commentator on Fox News and one of the most trolled personalities on the Internet, Sally knows how to have conversations with people who don't agree with you. In this personal and instructive talk that picks up where her hit TED Talk left off, Sally shares hilarious anecdotes as well as helpful tips for how to deal with your haters and critics in a constructive way that upholds your own values and helps make the world a nicer place. 

This talk is useful for everyone from students venturing out into a more diverse world to business teams that are constantly facing skeptics. Takeaways from this talk include:

  • Sally's secret three-step strategy for engaging with any criticism
  •  A methodology for discerning criticism from trolling
  • Ideas and analysis for how you can deal with your own trolls, online and off
  • How to develop a values framework to guide your life and work and public voice

Political Insights and Analysis: Insert Your Issue Here

As a political generalist with her ear to the ground on Capitol Hill and in the streets, Sally is uniquely able to give your organization or business an overview of the landscape with respect to your area of focus. Delivered with a good dose of humor, she'll also give you the brass tacks on how your issue is playing in Washington and among the American people — forecasting where the political debate is heading and how you can get ahead of it.  

Takeaways from this speech include:

  • Unique insights about public opinion, electoral projections and pending legislation
  • Advice on the pressure points for shifting the politics of your issue

Join The Resistance: How To Agitate and Organize

It's a new day in American politics and culture. The cultural advances we'd assumed were set in stone are being challenged again and advances toward equity are being rolled back. Suddenly, in the some of the most unlikely places and ways, people and brands are standing up — from breath mints making political statements to groups of ordinary citizens writing to their local legislators every single week to millions of Americans marching for justice in the mass largest mobilizations in history. 

How can you be part of the resistance? How can your brand find a bold voice in this moment in history? How can you help push for inclusion and fairness in your own workplace? How can you be a strong ally to communities that are under attack? 

In this speech/workshop, Sally shares highlights of movements past and present and unpacks the tools leaders have used to achieve change. Useful for individual audience members as well as institutions looking to be on the right side of history, this talk is both inspirational and tangible — exactly what so many are clamoring for in this moment.

Takeaways from this speech or workshop include:

  • Questions to ask about your company or community to identify injustice that needs changing
  • How to define your own mission statement for social justice
  • Ways to recruit your friends and co-workers to build mini-movements for change
  • Strategic thinking frameworks to understand your goals and methods
  • How social change thinking and methods can be applied to other aspects of your life and work

Conversations About Whiteness: Getting Beyond Guilt

So you're one of those white people who says "Black Lives Matter" and supports affirmative action and understands the history of racial oppression and injustice in our nation. Now what? What do you do to feel like a constructive ally and a force for good in the world instead of just being paralyzed by guilt?  

In this deeply honest and refreshing talk, Sally talks about being white and opens a conversation for other white folks to argue about the (sometimes annoying) concept of "privilege" and what it means for their consciousness and lives. How does "white supremacy" invade our own minds and lives? How do we intentionally or unintentionally buy into the narrative of "racial difference"? And what does it mean for racism to not be our fault but still be our responsibility? For well-intentioned white folks looking for a way out of knots of guilt and regret, Sally lays out a path of action.

Takeaways include: 

  • Accessible language for talking about race and privilege
  • Permission to make mistakes — and lessons on how to make them without being extra offensive
  • Concrete action steps white people can take to be part of the solution 

And More....

Sally also regularly delivers speeches forecasting the political climate in Washington and does live debates with conservative commentators for bipartisan college and corporate audiences.

Meet Sally Kohn

What lessons has Sally learned from being a Fox News liberal?  If community organizing made the President, what difference can it make in your life, your career and your world?  In a noisy world, how can you find your voice and be heard? 

One of the top progressive communicators in America, Sally Kohn is an in-demand speaker at college campuses, business conferences and leadership workshops worldwide. Whether moderating engaging discussions, leading group trainings, or delivering keynote speeches, Sally illuminates current events and big ideas with a humorous touch.  

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