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Larry Kudlow

Economist and senior contributor, CNBC

An unapologetic free marketer, Larry Kudlow is one of the most recognized voices on markets, politics and the economy.

Washington to Wall Street: Free Market Capitalism Is the Best Path to Prosperity

Despite our fragile economy, we have been through worse and we can fix what ails America. An unequivocal advocate for a free market economy, Larry Kudlow is armed with the knowledge, vision and integrity to help you navigate through today’s uncertain economic, political and financial conditions. Kudlow’s career has taken him from the Federal Reserve Bank, to a top position in President Ronald Reagan’s Office of Management and Budget, to chief economist at several Wall Street firms, to a television and radio host. In this insightful presentation, Kudlow strikes an optimistic tone, steadfast in his belief that the U.S. economy remains the greatest in the world. He leaves his audience with a greater understanding of the current political landscape and how it translates to the markets and economy.

Meet Larry Kudlow

An unapologetic free marketer, Larry Kudlow is one of the most recognized voices on markets, politics and the economy.

Larry Kudlow is senior contributor to CNBC, former host of CNBC's The Kudlow Report and nationally syndicated radio host of The Larry Kudlow Show. One of the country's most influential free market economists, he lends viewers a unique perspective gained from many years in Washington and on Wall Street. Kudlow offers his audiences the same economic counsel he has presented to presidents, governors, senators, congressmen, investment firms and think tanks. In his iconic and outspoken style, Kudlow dissects the current political and economic climate and interprets the long- and short-term implications. A nationally syndicated columnist, he is a contributing editor and columnist for National Review Online and the author of American Abundance: The New Economic and Moral Prosperity.

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Economic Analyst; Senior Economic Contributor, CNN; Contributor, CNBC; Professor; New York Times Best-Selling Author; Advisor to Presidents and Former Secretary of Labor

Chief Executive Officer, Kalorama Partners and Chairman, SEC (2001-2003)

Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers (2013–2017); Principal Deputy Director, National Economic Council and Assistant to President Barack Obama (2009–2013)