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Secretary Kerry was just outstanding and extraordinary - such a great thought leader! Our guests were extremely impressed and excited to listen to such a personality, and even more have had the opportunity to interact with him for Q&A.
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John Kerry

Secretary of State (2013–2017)

One of the most respected voices in the world, John Kerry shares incomparable insight into global affairs, the future of American diplomacy, and America’s interests in an interconnected world.

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Diplomacy and Leadership: An Optimistic Path for the Future

Looking beyond the uncertainty of today, John Kerry evokes optimism by challenging turbulent trends to provide audiences with an encouraging analysis of the current global political climate and a positive vision for the future. Drawing from a distinguished career as a veteran, public servant, and diplomat, Kerry discusses the continued need for commitment to effective diplomacy, negotiation and compromise in order to safeguard the future for generations to come. As a leader on the world stage and the face of U.S. diplomacy as the 68th Secretary of State, Kerry shares first-hand accounts from his tenure as secretary, discussing lessons learned from navigating some of the most important policy issues of our time, including:

  • Successfully halting Iran's progress toward acquiring a nuclear weapon
  • Creating opportunity and defining a new energy future through the Paris Agreement
  • Seeking to improve access to quality care for returning U.S. veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Contending with a resurgent Russia and capitalizing on China's quest for peer-competitor status

A relentless defender of diplomacy and one of the most effective statesmen in U.S. history, Kerry explains how to negotiate in times of crisis and be an agent of positive change in a rapidly transforming world. Providing a comprehensive look at global affairs, he offers audiences an uplifting outlook on the path to the future. 

Meet John Kerry

One of the most respected voices in the world, John Kerry shares incomparable insight into global affairs, the future of American diplomacy, and America’s interests in an interconnected world.

A decorated combat veteran, activist, five-term United States Senator, and most recently Secretary of State, John Kerry remains one of the world’s most influential voices. His unstoppable drive helped guide the State Department through a time of historic global transformation. His personal approach to diplomacy (which prompted The New York Times to describe him as “America’s Mr. Diplomacy”), including his belief in the resilience of American values, offered steady stewardship in an era of potent unpredictability. Drawing from more than three decades of public service, Kerry provides comprehensive analysis of complex issues, from nuclear nonproliferation and the ongoing discord in the Middle East, to the rising threat of climate change and challenges to the global order. A best-selling author of A Call to Service: My Vision for a Better America and This Moment on Earth, in 2017, Secretary Kerry announced plans for a memoir, expected in 2018. A Distinguished Fellow for Global Affairs at Yale University as well as the inaugural Visiting Distinguished Statesman for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, he shares his perspective on global affairs, national security, and the critical role the United States must continue to play on the world stage.

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