Jerry Linenger
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Jerry Linenger is an excellent speaker! There was not a person in the room who was not completely engrossed in his every word. I felt that he was speaking directly to me. I came away feeling lighter - Amazing!
Port Townsend Paper Corporation
Jerry had the entire audience in awe. He told an incredible story, wove in relevant examples to the audience, and was clearly passionate about the subject matter. His sincerity and humility is astounding.
Xerox Canada
Jerry Linenger was a huge success! His story resonated with everyone.
General Mills
Jerry was great tonight! He was so animated in telling his story and our audience loved him. We received great feedback.
Financial Services Company
“Jerry Linenger was the part of the program which had the biggest impact on me because he told everyone that we need to start planning for our futures now and that this was the time to think ahead and set goals around who we want to be in ten years.” – Andrea “Jerry Linenger was very humble and I enjoyed the speech. It impacted me because I learned from what he said and I know how to improve myself.” – Sarah

Jerry Linenger

Astronaut and Hero

Jerry Linenger survived on an out-of-control spacecraft, which was on fire and tumbling through darkness. He encourages us to rise to the occasion, confront our challenges and put life into perspective.

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Challenges and Change: My 132 Days Off the Planet

Jerry Linenger shares his amazing personal story based on his experiences aboard the Russian space station Mir. Painting pictures with words, Linenger puts you in the spacecraft with him. He recounts not only the events of the mission, but also candidly shares his feelings of frustration and fear along with the determination and courage he used to survive. Having overcome great odds to achieve success, he challenges the audience to embrace change, rise to the occasion, and confront challenges. He emphasizes the role of preparation to achieve mission goals. His message is genuine and spoken by someone who has put his own life on the line. Audiences will learn how to:

  • Tap into their inner strength and achieve more than they thought possible
  • Give freely: Personal sacrifice may be required for the greater good
  • Find the courage to overcome any obstacle
  • Discover greater meaning in their professional and personal lives

Meet Jerry Linenger

Jerry Linenger survived on an out-of-control spacecraft, which was on fire and tumbling through darkness. He encourages us to rise to the occasion, confront our challenges and put life into perspective.

Jerry Linenger endured through a trying space mission where he faced chaos, low oxygen, the worst fire ever to occur in space and a language challenge with fellow crewmembers who spoke only Russian. While aboard Mir, life's true priorities crystallized for him and motivated him to survive. During his mission aboard Mir, he logged fifty million miles in more than two thousand Earth orbits. He was the first American to undock from the space station in a Soyuz spacecraft and the first American to spacewalk wearing a Russian spacesuit outside a foreign craft. At the completion of his mission, he had spent more continuous time in space than any American male. Linenger serves on the board of Circle of Blue, which brings people around the world together on the subject of fresh water supply, inviting the public and policymakers to seize the defining challenge of our time: our diminishing supply of fresh, clean water.

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