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Norah O'Donnell

Co-Host of CBS This Morning and Former Chief White House Correspondent, CBS News

With her extensive experience covering Washington, Norah O'Donnell finds the story behind the story, what the headlines don't say and the real news you can rely on.

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Breaking News with Norah O'Donnell

Norah O’Donnell is a trusted journalistic voice who has covered the major political stories of our time. O’Donnell goes beyond the headlines to give audiences a more detailed sense of the complex issues in the news today. O’Donnell shares: 

  • Her thought-provoking analysis of the events that shape our world and the key players at the forefront of headline news
  • Insights on the Obama administration’s efforts to shape legislation and policy on the economy, health care, environment and more
  • Views on the media’s coverage of the administration and the administration’s use of technology to rally the public behind public policy initiatives

The Future of U.S. Political Leadership: Women, Minorities and Global Comparisons

The Obama Administration ushered in a new team reflective of America’s diverse population. While the Executive Branch has achieved diversity, the U.S. Congress, governor seats and state legislatures fall woefully short of reflecting the electorate which is 54% women and 12% African American. Globally, several other countries have had women heads of state. Known for her exceptional research and keen interviewing skills, O’Donnell delves into the lack of diversity in U.S. elected positions by analyzing:

  • Why America’s office holders lack diversity
  • Global insight into how the rest of the world is doing in electing women to office
  • Insight into the extensive mobilization and fundraising involvement of women and minorities in previous campaigns and what it foretells for the future
  • How the administration’s diversity affects public policy

Work and Family: Achieving Balance and Leaving Time for Yourself

Norah O’Donnell has been a career journalist for over a decade and a mother for only a few years but it didn't take her very long to understand that the notion of “work-life balance” really is a misnomer. Things are hardly ever in “balance:” career-oriented women often spending their days prioritizing and re-prioritizing as they’re overtaken by the day’s events. In a funny, candid and poignant presentation, O’Donnell discusses: 

  • The sacrifices of today’s working women and mothers
  • Insight and solutions that allow them to take the pressure off themselves to achieve anything approximating balance
  • How to live in the moment at work and at home—and make it all work

Meet Norah O'Donnell

With her extensive experience covering Washington, Norah O'Donnell finds the story behind the story, what the headlines don't say and the real news you can rely on.

Whether interviewing presidents, first ladies, heads of state or members of Congress, Norah O’Donnell has earned a reputation as a keen interviewer of today’s newsmakers. In her presentations, she takes the audience behind today’s headlines for an in-depth look at the issues, the players and the politics at work. One of America’s most prominent journalists, O’Donnell is the recipient of the prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award for Breaking News Coverage and Washingtonian Magazine has named her one of Washington’s 100 most powerful women. Prior to joining CBS News, O’Donnell served as Chief Washington Correspondent for MSNBC and NBC News. Her journalism career also focuses on giving voice to the female electorate and her insights regarding the attitudes and voting habits of women in politics are especially relevant. Using her own day-to-day experiences as the mother of three small children, O’Donnell—who is the also the author of the New York Times best seller Baby Love: Healthy, Easy, Delicious Meals for Your Baby and Toddler—can talk with audiences about the so-called “work-life balance,” inferring that “balanced” does not accurately capture the sacrifices necessary to maintain both a career and family.

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