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Dick Vitale was most certainly the right choice for a speaker and his presentation was incredible. He is so humble, so gracious and just a great guy to be around.
Diocese of Sioux City
Whether you're a basketball fan or not, hearing Dick Vitale talk about how to get a "win" in the game of life will have a huge impact on any audience. Incredible speaker, incredible family man, incredible energy - he is the real deal!
Paychex, Inc.
Dick was a tremendous success! His energy-level, infectious enthusiasm, engaging stories and heartfelt delivery led to a standing ovation of more than 800 attendees. People haven’t stopped talking about him!
Dick Vitale was absolutely wonderful ... quite frankly I do not know how to top him!
Employers Resource Council
Our folks LOVED Dickie V. His speech was all they could talk about. He's the most popular keynote speaker we have ever had, which was evidenced by both increased attendance in the session (our largest number to date) and the fact that the audience was spellbound. He put his heart and soul into the talk; a real pro. He was so captivating that nobody was texting or checking email or doing anything else but listening intently to what he had to say. He held them in the palm of his hand. It was amazing.
IDN Summit

Dick Vitale

College Basketball Analyst, ABC Sports and ESPN

Probably no one can inspire an audience with enthusiasm and energy and teach us lessons of life and business that transcend athletics better than the inimitable, one-of-a-kind Dick Vitale.

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The Game of Life

Perhaps no one understands the game of life—and particularly how to play it with enthusiasm, energy and verve—than the inimitable Dick Vitale. Seemingly emblematic of his own last name in that he’s always full of vitality, Vitale shares with audiences his secrets for tacking the problems of life head-on, with the boundless optimism he seems to possess in large amounts. Vitale speaks enthusiastically about the lessons learned from sports and how to apply them to business and daily life. Dick uses a combination of humor and inspiration drawn from his career as a sixth grade teacher, a college and professional basketball coach, and years as one of the best known—and perhaps most beloved—network basketball analysts in history.

Meet Dick Vitale

Probably no one can inspire an audience with enthusiasm and energy and teach us lessons of life and business that transcend athletics better than the inimitable, one-of-a-kind Dick Vitale.

One of America’s most beloved sports personalities, Dick Vitale exudes optimism and a boundless passion for consistently giving 110%—qualities that put him on the path towards coaching and broadcasting success. For Vitale, winning "The Game of Life" begins with a can-do attitude that he himself inspires in audiences, motivating them towards achieving their individual and organizational goals by applying lessons from the sports world. His strong character, genuine personality and endless energy permeate the entire room as he helps audiences become revitalized, ready to tackle any circumstance and meet life’s challenges head on. Known for calling nearly 1,000 basketball games for ESPN, Vitale is a true American icon recognized for his catchy "Vitale-isms" as well as for his tireless work for the V Foundation (named for the late NCAA coach Jim Valvano), an organization dedicated to curing cancer. Vitale the author of several books including his most recent, It's Awesome, Baby!: 75 Years of Memories and a Lifetime of Opinions on the Game I Love.

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