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Our folks LOVED the fact that Alex Castellanos talked with them before and after the event. Some even commented on his openness.
National Community Pharmacists Association
Alex Castellanos was absolutely phenomenal and the highlight of our seminar! He was charming, entertaining, knowledgeable, and funny!
Northwestern Mutual
Alex Castellanos' presentation yesterday to the Officer and Director team of PG&E set a very high bar at the beginning of our meeting. During the social hour following the meeting, several people came up to me and literally raved about how much they enjoyed hearing from him. We appreciate him giving our leadership team his unique perspective and insight into our nation's political climate and direction.
We really expected Alex Castellanos to give his "standard" election speech, which would have been great. But he really engaged our Board members and did a great job of connecting politics to their business. I think he made our Board members feel like "insiders" which was one of our goals.
Association of Clinical Research Organizations
Alex Castellanos did an outstanding job. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy his presentation, and he was very easy to work with.
National Cotton Council of America

Alex Castellanos

Political Strategist and Analyst, CNN

An integral part of CNN's "Best Political Team on Television," Alex Castellanos offers his sharp insights on American politics and what the current climate means for the future of the Republican party.

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Politics: A Look Into the Future

Get out your crystal ball! We live in a time when it's never been more critical to gain perspective on what's happening next. With history and experience as your guide, look into the future with Alex Castellanos, CNN commentator, strategist and storyteller as he shares what lies ahead for the country and the future of the Republican party. In this up-to-the-minute analysis of politics in America, Castellanos explains how the crucial issues of the day will continue to transform our culture, economy and the political landscape in the years to come.

TV Ads that Made Political History

No one has created more political TV commercials than Alex Castellanos. He's been called "the father of the attack ad" and has made thousands of positive and negative political TV spots. Join Castellanos on a tour-de-force of political campaign ads, as he reviews the spots that changed America from the Obama v. McCain, Bush v. Gore, and back to the very beginnings of political TV campaigns with Eisenhower, Kennedy & Nixon. Why did Obama study Reagan? Learn about "Message Discipline" from the master, Bill Clinton! Castellanos will share how the technique of one of the earliest blockbuster attack ads, LBJ's Daisy commercial, is still used by political pros today. Learn from Castellanos:

  • Why negative commercials are good for politics 
  • Does fear have a legitimate place in politics?
  • What's wrong with so many of the proposals to "clean up politics" that would regulate political speech?
  • What corporate America can learn from hard-hitting, rough and tumble political campaigns!
  • How to react when the competition comes after you! And how should you go after them!

The Secret Laws of Politics and How They Help Candidates and Companies Win

Take a crash, executive level course in "How to Win" a political campaign with Alex Castellanos, dubbed a new style media master by FORTUNE magazine. What is "strategy" and how do great campaigns create it?

  • Napoleon's Law! 
  • John Wayne's Law! 
  • Beethoven's Law! 
  • The Law of the Ketchup Stain!
  • The Law of the Car Keys!

These are secret principles of political success it has take Castellanos over 30 years to learn. Lighthearted and insightful, you'll never forget "The Laws of Politics!" You will learn how to win! And you will never look at politics the same way again!

Your Consumers Are Your Voters!

Americans are demanding a different perspective from corporate leadership and the brands they support with everyday economic choices. Buying a product is now an act of political self-definition: Consumers are shouting their political values, not just at the voting booth but at the cash register, whether they are buying a Prius or boycotting running shoes that exploit cheap foreign labor. Your consumers are now your voters! Your brand is now their candidate!
Learn from one of the masters of political campaigns how to ask consumers not just to buy your product, but to vote for your brand!

  • Why your company's narrative is just as important as your brand promise! 
  • How you control your company's political story and succeed amidst growing regulation 
  • Where your brand fits on the "Map of America's Political Values" 
  • How your "candidate" can survive and succeed in an economic downturn

Meet Alex Castellanos

An integral part of CNN's "Best Political Team on Television," Alex Castellanos offers his sharp insights on American politics and what the current climate means for the future of the Republican party.

One of the Republican Party's best-known and most successful strategists, Alex Castellanos has been credited with the discovery of the political "soccer mom" and called the "father of the attack ad." He has written speeches, provided strategy and created TV commercials for seven U.S. Presidential candidates. Castellanos has also helped elect over a dozen U.S. Senators and Governors and enjoys over three decades of political experience, earning a reputation for winning tough campaigns both abroad and in the United States. Castellanos was one of the first to bring winning strategies from the political world to the battlegrounds of corporate America. He is a co-founder of Purple Strategies, a public affairs communications firm which takes its name from the merger of colors commonly identified with Democrats (blue) and Republicans (red). "Times of great change are times of great peril but also tremendous opportunity for business," says Castellanos. "Democrats are not becoming Republicans nor are Republicans becoming Democrats. On some issues, like economic growth, we are all in the same boat. That gives us the opportunity to unite a red and a blue communications perspective." He is also the founder of, a CNN contributor and posts regularly on media outlets including The Huffington Post, and

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