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Ori Brafman

Leadership and Organizational Dynamics Expert

In his informative and interactive presentations, recognized leadership and organizational dynamics expert Ori Brafman presents his perspective on agile and adaptive leadership, unique approaches to organizational problem-solving and decision-making, and achieving better results by harnessing the power of decentralized networks.


How do we leverage the power of decentralized starfish networks and practice radical inclusion to foster innovation, trust, and agility? During this informative and interactive presentation, Brafman presents his unique perspective on leadership with compelling examples of its organizational effectiveness and provides executives and managers specific tools for empowering every member of the company to drive innovation and agility throughout the organization.

The Workplace of Tomorrow

How can large organizations prepare for an uncertain world? Based on Brafman’s work with the most senior officials at the Pentagon and executives from Fortune 500 companies, this presentation provides a strategy for tomorrow and the next generation. Brafman reveals how organizations can drive growth and profits by allowing contained chaos, unstructured space, and disruption the chance to flourish, generating new ideas that trigger innovation across the organization.


Psychological forces pull us into irrational behavior, but we can also use them to our benefit. Filled with examples and video clips, this talk shows us how psychological forces affect decision-making and presents several implementable ways to avoid making irrational decisions.

Problem-Solving Workshops

Every 1- and 2-star general in the U.S. Army has taken Brafman’s “Agile and Adaptive Leadership” course. Conducted directly by Brafman, these deep-dive workshops are available in half-day, 1-day, and 2-day formats. They focus on solving a specific problem faced by the organization and combine interactive presentations, customized exercises, and concrete, actionable next steps.

Radical Inclusion Seminar - GEN(R) Martin E. Dempsey and Ori Brafman


Leaders today face challenges that have always existed but also challenges that are new, dynamic, complex, and cannot be ignored. This seminar will systematically examine today’s leadership environment to determine what’s new and what’s not. The instructors will share experiences from the highest levels of government and business to illuminate these challenges and to propose leadership principles for addressing them. In addition, the seminar will provide participants with opportunities to practice the application of these principles through customizable exercises and group experiences. Participants will walk away not only with a stronger understanding of the current and future environment, but with the practical skills necessary for grappling with the implications of leading in our rapidly evolving world.

The environment in which we now lead. In the first part of this session we will discuss changes in the leadership environment. We will discuss the distinction between complex and complicated, the accessibility and speed of information, the vulnerability of facts, the influence of digital echoes on both leaders and followers and the competition for trust and confidence in which leaders now find themselves. 

The enduring leadership principles. In the second part of this session, drawing on examples from both the instructors’ experiences and current events, we will draw out three enduring and important leadership principles: Give Them Memories (Belonging), Make it Matter (Meaning), and Learn to Imagine (Learning from Weak Signals).

The emerging leadership principles. Once again drawing upon both experience and current events, we will draw out three emerging and increasingly important leadership principles: Develop a Bias for Action, Empower Subordinates to Co-Create Context, Understand How to Relinquish Control to Preserve Power. We will discuss how these principles must be supported by certain leadership instincts including Listen, Amplify, and Include. We will conclude this session with a discussion of the concept of Radical Inclusion and why it is the necessary pragmatic leadership response to change, complexity, speed, accessibility, and affordability.  


  • The Ace: Demonstrating the unseen challenges of being a leader
  • 5 for 25: Quickly finding solutions and fostering innovation from the edges of the network
  • Break-Outs: Developing tangible next steps to solve a real problem
  • The Fish Bowl: An inclusive, facilitated conversation with instructors and participants
  • Role Playing: Seeking presidential decision on Afghanistan troop levels
  • Role Playing: Implementing SECDEF directive on women in service


This customizable seminar can be delivered in half-day, full-day, or two-day versions for groups of any size with an option to kick-off the event with a dinner, moderated discussion, and Q&A session with the instructors the night prior to the event.

Meet Ori Brafman

In his informative and interactive presentations, recognized leadership and organizational dynamics expert Ori Brafman presents his perspective on agile and adaptive leadership, unique approaches to organizational problem-solving and decision-making, and achieving better results by harnessing the power of decentralized networks.

Ori Brafman is exceptionally qualified to assist organizations and leaders to drive better results by promoting a culture of innovation, empowerment, and inclusion. All current U.S. Army generals are required to complete his agile and adaptive leadership curriculum. Brafman’s presentations bring to life the theories and concepts he originally published in his New York Times best-selling published works to include: The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations; Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior; Click: The Forces Behind How We Fully Engage with People, Work, and Everything We Do; and The Chaos Imperative: How Chance and Disruption Increase Innovation, Effectiveness, and Success. Brafman also draws upon his extensive work with organizations as large and diverse as the U.S. government and all branches of the U.S. military, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and the Chicago Bulls, to name just a few, in order to provide compelling real-world examples that support his theories. Brafman also shares what he’s learned from his experience as founder of Starfish Leadership, an organization focused on helping executives harness the power of decentralized networks to drive innovation and agile decision-making, and from his time in the classroom as a Distinguished Teaching Fellow focusing on improvisational leadership at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and as a Senior Fellow at the Coach K Leadership & Ethics Center at Duke University.

Brafman’s presentations are a truly interactive experience during which participants are guaranteed to learn something new, to laugh, and to be caused to think and to actively engage in the learning process. Lastly, Brafman is focused on “moving the needle” and encourages participants to identify tangible next steps to change their own behavior for the better following his presentation. 

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