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Myrtle Potter

President and COO, Genentech, Inc. (2000-2005), CEO Myrtle Potter & Company, LLC and Myrtle Potter Media, Inc.

One of America's foremost healthcare leaders, Myrtle has dedicated three decades of service and leadership to America's most successful healthcare companies. She has earned her reputation as the Trusted Voice in Healthcare.

MPower! – Control Your Healthcare NOW!

At 45, Myrtle Potterwas at the top of her game. At the time, she was president of Genentech, Inc., the world’s most successful biotechnology company, and was directly responsible for bringing life-saving medications to patients. She simply seemed unstoppable.

Yet, Myrtle lay in a hospital bed fighting for her life—failing lungs, failing liver and no kidney function. She was losing skin so badly that a vacuum was used to pick up her remains as it shed off her frail body. Myrtle was literally dying, ensnared in the same U.S. healthcare system for which she had made so many profound contributions. Myrtle ultimately wrested control of the direction of her care in order to save her own life.

Myrtle came out of her frightening experience with one single focus: to dedicate her remaining working years to insuring that no-one goes through the same life-threatening healthcare maze that she endured.

There are 85 million Americans just like Myrtle who bear the responsibility for directing and providing healthcare for themselves, their family or their loved ones. In Myrtle’s, MPower speech, Myrtle introduces the audience to her emotional, true story and shares the lessons she learned about being a confident, effective director of your and your families’ healthcare. Myrtle believes that it is essential for all of us to take control and be MPowered! to get the most out of our healthcare system where resources, time, and personal attention are increasingly difficult to come by.

Healthcare Reform: The Good, The Bad, and The Unintended

Healthcare reform has captured all of our attention over the last twelve months, and yet, no topic in recent political history, has caused such divisiveness in our country. To understand why this topic has emerged to be such a lightening rod, one needs to understand the facts, the intended and unintended consequences of the decisions that have been made and the implications for the Country, your business and your family.

Myrtle Potter, a 30-year healthcare industry veteran and one of America’s foremost healthcare leaders, has made healthcare her business. She shares her candid, straightforward assessment of U.S. healthcare reform as only a strong, seasoned insider can. Her talk will leave you motivated to make healthcare your business too.

Breaking The "Glass Ceiling" and Shooting Beyond

Against all odds, a young black girl from the dusty, dessert town of Las Cruces, New Mexico, has grown to be one of the healthcare industries’ foremost leaders and America’s "Trusted Voice in Healthcare." Myrtle Potter has dedicated three decades of service and leadership to saving and enhancing the lives of patients through her leadership of America’s most successful global life science companies. Myrtle Potter’s story is a true American story of hard work, determination, and passion for making a difference.

With the mastery of a great leader and the storytelling gifts of a great coach, Myrtle shares her life story and the 10 secrets to her success. You will walk her life journey – she will take you from her candid discussions about her childhood, to her revelations about her experiences running multinational, multi-billion dollar healthcare businesses, right through to the offices and board rooms of her own successful companies where she is shooting beyond the “glass ceiling” as a trailblazing entrepreneur.

This talk is will make you laugh and cry and you will be inspired by Myrtle’s belief that anyone can do what she has done. You will leave knowing that you too can break the glass ceiling and shoot beyond.

The Perfect Storm: Will America's Most Successful Industry Fight off Demise

The pharmaceutical industry is facing the “Perfect, Category 5 Storm”: pipelines, patents, pricing and profits, are all converging in a manner that makes many gravely concerned. Here are a few facts:

Currently 40% to 60% of industry pipelines are comprised of drugs that are externally sourced (in-licensing or acquisition, versus drug that are discovered in house. Approximately $218 billion of current worldwide branded drug sales are expected to come off patent between 2008 and 2015. The ever-growing U.S. healthcare costs means pricing pressures are expected to continue. It is not surprising then, that pharmaceutical company profits are also in decline, with the industry losing its position as the most profitable U.S. industry.

All these factors together create the “Perfect, Category 5 Storm” that has the potential for widespread and lasting damage to the pharmaceutical industry.

Yet, this perfect storm isn’t just about pipelines, patents, profitability, and pricing. It’s mostly about patients—and the inability of the pharmaceutical industry to meet their medical needs. A large proportion of the medications available don’t work for large segments of patients. Drug adverse reactions remain a leading cause of death in the U.S. despite efforts aimed at making drugs safe. This results in tremendous waste in terms of healthcare spending, human quality of life, and life itself.

So where does this vital and important industry find shelter from the storm? In this stimulating talk, Myrtle shares her views on what the pharmaceutical industry must do NOW to regain its position as a strong, innovative, leading business sector. She will also speak candidly about why she believes we should all be concerned. Change will not be easy and certainly it is not for the faint of heart. But, change is essential if this sector is to regain its place at the forefront of value creation for patients and investors.

Meet Myrtle Potter

One of America’s foremost healthcare leaders, Myrtle has dedicated three decades of service and leadership to America’s most successful healthcare companies. She has earned her reputation as the Trusted Voice in Healthcare.

Myrtle was president and COO of Genentech, Inc., where from 2000 to 2005, she helped steer the company through one of the most successful periods in its history. Under her leadership Genentech achieved record sales and earnings growth during twenty-four of the twenty-five quarters Myrtle led the company, transforming the company from a small entrepreneurial operation into a biotechnology powerhouse. Myrtle would ultimately become known as the “Market Maker” for consistently and successfully leading large healthcare companies into new, uncharted markets. Myrtle has since established Myrtle Potter and Company, LLC, a life science and healthcare advisory firm, and Myrtle Potter Media, Inc., a consumer healthcare company. The girl from a dusty, desert town in southern New Mexico whose first healthcare job was selling adult disposable diapers to nursing homes and hospitals for Procter and Gamble, worked her way up through the ranks of corporate America to the boardrooms of multinational corporations. The twists and turns of her 30-year career are dramatic, inspiring and make for a true American success story. Myrtle’s business leadership has been hailed by America’s most influential business publications, including BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, FORTUNE, TIME, Forbes, Black Enterprise and Harvard Business Review. Myrtle is also referenced in more than twenty business and leadership books.

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