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Ezra Klein was very well received at our conference. I personally found him to be very engaging and insightful. We found it very easy to work with WSB and look forward to doing it again in the future.
California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems
Ezra Klein was very nice and answered all our questions thoughtfully and with great insight. The audience loved the entire event and they thought the panel was great because we created a way for the audience to tweet in their questions.
Fordham University College Democrats
Ezra was fantastic! He is such a great communicator, he was wonderful in the live format, and he just has a way of crystallizing complex ideas or concepts in a way that anyone can understand. He knew when to mix things up and was funny and easy to work with. We loved having him.
Connecticut Forum

Ezra Klein

Editor-In-Chief, Vox.Com; Columnist, Bloomberg News and Policy Analyst/Contributor, MSNBC

Using his razor-sharp focus and wit, Ezra Klein gives audiences an unvarnished look at the intersection of today’s domestic and economic policy-making coupled with a political system that has major impacts from Wall Street to Main Street and around the world. 

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How Washington Really Works

Ezra Klein gives audiences a candid discourse on today’s economic and political events and the impact that the lack of consensus and bipartisanship in Washington is having on the U.S. and many countries around the world that find themselves facing one of the most critical economic, social and business crises in decades. From health care reform, high unemployment, entitlement and Social Security reform to the lack of business growth, Klein leaves no area untouched in his presentations, using his trademark graphs as a backdrop he gives audiences a clear understanding of the issues facing us today.

What it Would Mean for the News Business to Truly Go Digital

Vox first launched online in 2014. By February 2016, it was getting more than 300 million content views a month across a range of platforms and blazing new trails in digital journalism. As founder and editor-in-chief, Ezra Klein spends much of his time thinking about how the new business is changing and how to make Vox a beneficiary of those changes, rather than a victim of them. In this engaging and informative presentation, Klein shares stories from behind-the-scenes of a 21st Century digital news publication, and offers insights to audiences on:

-           What it means to be a truly digital organization

-           How to create an institutional culture that can evolve and adapt quickly

-           Why people often mistake cultural problems for technological ones

Meet Ezra Klein

Using his razor-sharp focus and wit, Ezra Klein gives audiences an unvarnished look at the intersection of today’s domestic and economic policy-making coupled with a political system that has major impacts from Wall Street to Main Street and around the world. 

Klein is Editor-in-Chief of Vox.com—a general news website he recently founded which focuses on giving the public crucial contextual information necessary to understand what's happening in the world today. "We treat the emphasis on the newness of information as an important virtue rather than a painful compromise. The news business, however, is just a subset of the informing-our-audience business—and that's the business we aim to be in. Our mission is to create a site that's as good at explaining the world as it is at reporting on it,” Klein said about his new publication. Prior to starting Vox.com, Klein oversaw the Washington Post’s Wonkblog. He is also a columnist for Bloomberg News and a regular contributor/policy analyst for MSNBC where his commentary focuses on as Klein describes it “domestic and economic policy-making, as well as the political system that’s constantly screwing it up.” He takes audiences through the day’s events in the economic/political arenas giving an analysis of the impact on our fiscal health. In addition to appearing and hosting on MSNBC, he has also appeared on Charlie Rose, Real Time with Bill Maher, The McLaughlin Group, The Colbert Report and many more. The Economist named him one of the “Minds of the Moment.” In 2011, TIME named his blog one of the 25 best financial blogs and the Society of American Business Editors and Writers named Klein as their 2011 Opinion Columnist of the Year. In 2012, GQ named him to their 50 Most Powerful People in Washington list and Esquire named him to their 79 Things We Can All Agree On list saying “Ezra Klein gives economics columnists a good name.”

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