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Doug Conant

Chairman, Avon Products; Founder & CEO, Conantleadership; Chairman, Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute at Northwestern University; Former CEO & President, Campbell Soup Company

Turnaround CEO and chairman Doug Conant pinpoints leadership opportunities, everyday and extraordinary, to reveal the importance of action in interaction.

Leadership That Works

Mastering Effective Practices for Top-Tier Performance in the New Millennium

The 21st century is unfolding at an unprecedented pace with exponential complexity. Mastering the craft of leadership today demands an understanding of both enduring leadership principles and high-impact leadership practices for delivery of consistently superior outcomes. In this energetic keynote, Doug shares powerful lessons gleaned from his success in leading organizations to top-of-class performance. Learn why leadership that works is:

  • Devoted to the spirited pursuit of high performance
  • Committed to creating value for all stakeholders
  • Focused on continuous improvement

Embracing the Genius of the "And" for Superior Outcomes

Making Tough Decisions in a Fiercely Complex World 

In this spirited keynote, Doug uses personal anecdotes from his successful tenure as a Fortune 500 CEO to show why embracing an abundant approach to leadership is essential to making tough decisions and creating high-performance organizations. 

  • Learn why leaders must reject a scarcity mindset; discover how to embody an Abundant Approach. 
  • Empower your team to achieve superior and sustainable outcomes by being Tough-Minded on Standards and Tender-Hearted with People.

Championing Engagement to Win in the Marketplace

The “Soft Stuff” is the “Hard Stuff” – It’s All About the People 

In this impactful keynote on Employee Engagement, Doug challenges 21st century leaders to champion a People-First approach to building powerful organizations that win in the workplace and in the marketplace. 

  • Learn CEO tips for Attracting, Developing, Engaging, and Retaining the best employees.
  • Master strategies for building sustainable high-performance relationships.

The Action Is in the Interaction

Unlocking Your Full Leadership Potential in an On-Demand Age

In this counter-intuitive keynote, Doug illustrates how the many moments in a day that seem like “interruptions” aren’t preventing leaders from doing their work; these moments are the real work of leadership today. Building on his New York Times best-selling book, Touchpoints, Doug provides immediately applicable strategies for creating powerful leadership connections in the smallest of moments.

  • Learn the “Listen, Frame, Advance” model for interactions. 
  • Get Doug’s actionable blueprint for making every moment more productive. 

Meet Doug Conant

Turnaround CEO and chairman Doug Conant pinpoints leadership opportunities, everyday and extraordinary, to reveal the importance of action in interaction.

Leadership is tough, especially given today’s relentless, breakneck pace rife with back-to-back meetings, endless emails, knocks at your office door, and increasingly complicated organizations that need to be navigated.

Many people feel these inevitable demands are keeping them from doing their "real work." But in a series of groundbreaking keynote speeches, turnaround CEO and chairman Doug Conant reveals that these countless demands and interruptions are the "real work." Each interaction, or TouchPoint, is actually an overlooked opportunity for leaders to more deeply embed their strategy, expand their influence, and deliver measurably better results. The secret lies in one simple but powerful notion: the action is in the interaction.

Conant has held leadership positions at world-class companies for over 35 years; he brings this expertise to each of his speeches focused on effective and enduring leadership practices for the modern age. From 2001 to 2011, Conant served as CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, where he led over 18,000 people, reversed a precipitous decline in business performance, created significant shareholder value, and dramatically improved employee engagement.

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TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments
  • New York Times Bestseller

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