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Mike Rogers, we have been overwhelmed with positive comments from our subscribers and very high approval ratings. What they appreciated the most was your candid and honest approach to specific incidences of public record, giving them an opportunity to learn something new without having to wade through the myriad pages of written information.
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Mike Rogers

Chairman, U.S. House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI, 2011–2015); Member of Congress; Former FBI Special Agent; Trident Capital Cybersecurity Fund Advisory Council; IronNet Cybersecurity Board of Directors; Host, Something to Think About with Mike Rogers; CNN National Security Contributor; Host and Executive Producer, Declassified (July 2016)

For nearly three decades, Mike Rogers continues to be an exceptional leader in politics, national security, global affairs, the digital economy, cybersecurity and counterterrorism, shaping policies that affect every business and citizen in the United States.

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An Expert Analysis of the Geopolitical Landscape and Trends

Mike Rogers gained additional perspective traveling the globe. He has met with kings, prime ministers and intelligence professionals, and has more often than not traveled to the most remote locations around the world. A member of Congress never before visited many of these areas Rogers visited. With this additional experience, he brings an exceptional insider perspective on our increasingly complex, globalized and networked world.

Rogers speaks authoritatively on foreign policy challenges and current global strife, highlighting the most troublesome areas in the world and discussing options for the way forward. His invaluable insight and experience help audiences grasp the complex and often precarious issues impacting their business and their daily lives.

The Digital Economy, Cybersecurity and Foreign Policy: The Debate on America’s Most Urgent Matters

Mike Rogers offers truly unmatched understanding on both domestic and international cybersecurity threat issues. Analyzing what these threats mean for the increasingly heated debate on privacy and security, he explores the challenge of bringing people together to grow and protect economic prosperity in the digital age. His work has earned him a reputation as a distinguished, bipartisan leader dedicated to ensuring the prosperity and security of the American people.

Rogers also maintains a reputation of building coalitions and seeking alignment on the most difficult issues. He believes that the success of the digital economy depends not only on continued innovation, but also ensuring that the online world remains safe, secure and as free as possible. He was a pioneer in creating cyber sharing/cyber threat legislation to protect both business and government from digital espionage, cyber hackers and nation-state threats.

Through his experience, Rogers is able to examine threats and solutions from both private and public sector perspectives. He is a current board member of IronNet Cybersecurity and the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress. He is also on the advisory council of Trident Capital Cybersecurity Fund.


Mike Rogers is host and an executive producer of a documentary-style CNN original series, Declassified, which debuted in July 2016. Through this medium, Rogers offers unprecedented access to the fascinating stories of America’s most covert operations. Declassified captivates audiences as he takes them behind the scenes, chronicling newly declassified missions that delve into fascinating real-life stories of espionage across the globe.

Before politics, Rogers served as an FBI special agent in Chicago’s organized crime division and a U.S. Army officer. If the audience is lucky, he may tell a story or two.

Meet Mike Rogers

For nearly three decades, Mike Rogers continues to be an exceptional leader in politics, national security, global affairs, the digital economy and cybersecurity, and counterterrorism, shaping policies that affect every business and citizen in the United States.

As the former chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Mike Rogers spent more than a decade overseeing all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, shaping critical cybersecurity, counterterrorism and national security policies.  Rogers delves into essential debates as CNN national security contributor, and he raises thought-provoking issues to millions every week as the host of Westwood One’s nationally syndicated radio commentary Something to Think About with Mike Rogers. His conversation offers unique and experienced insight on politics, security and American life.

Rogers remains uniquely positioned to influence national discussions and offer expert analysis on America’s most pressing and diverse issues—whether it is national security, foreign policy, the digital economy or politics. With his engaging, captivating style, candid wit and stories, he offers audiences a true insider’s perspective on current events and global trends.

Cutting through to the truth by addressing the facts, Rogers bares light on the juxtaposition of what is shown on TV and what is reality. Even on the most politically charged issues, he offers a concise perspective, offering solutions to the challenges facing America today. As a result, he is widely respected by both Republicans and Democrats for his leadership. Washington Post columnist David Ignatius called him “a rare example of bipartisanship.”

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