Eric H. Holder, Jr.
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Eric Holder was a terrific guest! Our conversations with him at both the informal session and the evening main event were fantastic. He had great ‘takes’ on so many different topics. His answers to our questions were so authentic, and demonstrated a level of great intelligence and a gift for language such that his answers were quite convincing and certainly accessible for everyone. During our reception he was probably better than any guest I have hosted in terms of patience (lots of photos) and warmth with our guests. He's a gem and can be counted on to be a crowd pleaser.
University at Buffalo
Oh, what a night! Mr. Holder was outstanding. The feedback we received last night and this morning from faculty, staff, students and community member all had nothing but high praise!
Saginaw Valley State University

Eric H. Holder, Jr.

82nd Attorney General of the United States (2009-2015); Partner, Covington & Burling LLP

One of the most widely discussed political figures in America today, Eric Holder has been at the intersection of the law and public policy for over 30 years. As the nation's first African-American Attorney General and a leading progressive voice, he has been instrumental in shaping the direction of the United States on a number of critical issues.

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The Intersection of Cybersecurity and Terrorism

As America’s leading legal advisor, former Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder has seen firsthand the impacts of an increasingly networked, digital world and the vulnerabilities that are created every day for industries, infrastructures, governments and global financial systems alike. Having gained a unique and profound understanding of these issues, Holder believes more conversations need to be had. He explains the challenges and complexities that arise at the intersection of cybersecurity and terrorism, and from Edward Snowden to the Sony hack, shares his views about today’s most pressing threats to security.

Conversation with Eric Holder

The third-longest-serving Attorney General in United States history, Eric Holder has spent an illustrious career at the forefront of the nation’s most pressing issues. Drawing on a wealth of experience and knowledge, Holder engages with his audience in this compelling and in-depth session by bringing attendees into the conversation. Blending candor and a refreshing sense of humor, Holder offers a behind-the-scenes look at his time in the Justice Department and at the White House, sharing an insider perspective on the stories that splashed across newspaper headlines around the globe and addressing the real-world consequences that follow high-level decision-making. Able to explore a wide variety of domestic and global issues, his remarks are catered to the individual need of your audience and can cover topics from leadership and public policy, to foreign relations and national security, to the opportunities and threats of a fundamentally changing workforce and how organizations can manage the economic impacts. Attendees leave with thought-provoking insights on the issues that matter to them most in both their personal lives as well as the organizations they are a part of in this increasingly complex and dynamic world we live in today.

Principled Leadership: The Courage to Face Challenge

A man of compassion and conviction, Eric Holder has demonstrated a remarkable willingness to take principled, but sometimes unpopular positions, and firmly believes there is still a place for courage in the public sphere. Appointed by President Barack Obama, Eric Holder served for six years in President Obama’s Cabinet as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States, where he led a team of 115,000 people. He was the first African-American to hold this position. Having also previously served as the first African-American Deputy Attorney General for President Bill Clinton and the United States attorney for the District of Columbia, Holder is no stranger to the challenges that come in a position of leadership. Personable and with a great sense of wit and self-deprecating humor, he candidly shares anecdotes from his life and time at the Justice Department, chronicling the risks and rewards he has faced over the years. He provides audience members with valuable insight on a wide range of leadership issues, including conflict resolution, negotiation and collaboration, how to remain focused and what it takes to lead amidst controversy and uncertainty.

Meet Eric H. Holder, Jr.

One of the most widely discussed political figures in America today, Eric Holder has been at the intersection of the law and public policy for over 30 years. As the nation’s first African-American Attorney General and a leading progressive voice, he has been instrumental in shaping the direction of the United States on a number of critical issues.

No stranger to controversy, Eric Holder has demonstrated a willingness to express strong opinions, to engage in meaningful dialogue and to achieve lasting results. Holder served as the first African-American Attorney General of the United States, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2009. He has spent decades of a remarkable career at the forefront of the nation’s most critical issues. From national security, terrorism and civil rights, to the economy, the environment and public safety, Holder is uniquely qualified to discuss both domestic and world affairs and shares his views about where the controversies of the next few years will lie. Engaging and candid with his audience, Holder offers incomparable, behind-the-scenes perspectives on the nation’s hot-button issues and shares insider anecdotes sure to captivate each attendee. With a great wit and self-deprecating style, Holder has spoken to audiences across the globe and provides tangible, thought-provoking takeaways that will most impact the needs of your audience and organization. His leadership and willingness to take principled but sometimes unpopular positions has made Holder a person of great interest. President Obama has praised Holder’s “toughness and independence,” and stated upon his departure, “With Eric Holder as its lawyer, America has become a better country.” In 2014, TIME magazine named Holder to its list of “100 Most Influential People,” stating that he “worked tirelessly to ensure equal justice.” After his departure from the Department of Justice, Holder returned to the Washington, D.C. law firm of Covington & Burling, where he currently focuses on complex litigation and investigatory matters that are international in scope.


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