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Karlgaard was great. He is really a fantastic speaker
National Petrochemical Refiners Association
Rich Karlgaard is intelligent, articulate, humble and very charming. He was so accommodating as we introduced him to many of our guests and our local media.
Kern Economic Development Corporation
Rich Karlgaard's presentation was great. I had immediate feedback from some of my officers right after he was done that said he was great. His points were right on, he was down to earth and very refreshing. His presentation style was great, it was conversational which really appealed to folks. I continued to have feedback throughout the day and into to last evening. All was positive. I'd definitely recommend him to others.
SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association
Rich Karlgaard was great. He is super sharp and can quote data to support even his answers in Q&A. I am always looking for a presentation with substance rather than a speech. Rich fits that bill perfectly.
Journalistic, Inc.
Rich Karlgaard did an amazing job as a speaker. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.
Glassman Wealth Services LLC
Both Mike Abrashoff and Rich Karlgaard were great!!! We couldn’t have asked for better speakers for our meeting and agents.
We had over 1,000 business leaders at our Annual Meeting. The feedback has been immediate, broad and consistent: the best keynote speaker we've ever had.
Greater New Orleans, Inc.
Rich Karlgaard's "10 Point Framework" for organizations was a major hit with the leadership team.
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Rich was all class. He was very generous with his time and insights. He provided an enormous amount of information that will serve as a spring board for new areas of exploration.
Corporex Companies, Inc.

Rich Karlgaard

Columnist and Publisher, Forbes and Author, The Soft Edge
Entrepreneur-turned-publisher, columnist, television commentator, private investor and board director, Rich Karlgaard has a unique vantage point on the trends driving the business and investment climates. His insights help audiences see the global marketplace with new eyes.
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What's Ahead for Business and Investment in the Next Two Years

The U.S. economy is in recovery, but it remains a lackluster one compared to past recoveries. Many headwinds persist: high unemployment, low labor market participation, uncertainties about the Federal Reserve’s plans to exit from its unprecedented efforts to keep interest rates low, taxes, the future of Obamacare, and others. These clouds have kept the U.S. GDP growth rate at below 2% for six years, compared to other post-recession growth rates of 4%.

At this speech you will learn:

- Trends for stocks, bonds and real estate.

- The uneven impact on American states and cities.

- How and when the U.S. economy will return to higher rates of growth and more equitable distribution of wealth.

- How the economy will frame the presidential election of 2016

- How growth in China, India and emerging economies will impact the U.S.

Where Great Organizations Find Lasting Innovation in the Age of Constant Disruption

Rich Karlgaard, Forbes publisher-turned-entrepreneur, and author of the best seller, Life 2.0, exemplifies his expertise in his latest book, The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success (April 2014)an exploration into why some companies in the top quartile of their industries worldwide are performing very well—even in a slowing global economy—while the majority struggle to survive. Karlgaard interviewed hundreds of companies to see what separates the champions from the stragglers.

What jumps out is how the world’s best companies continually innovate by establishing a triangle of strengths in strategy, execution and culture.

In this presentation, Karlgaard shares his transformative findings:

- The 5 strategic competencies of all great organizations.

- The 5 execution strengths that separate winners from laggards.

- The 5 cultural values that give organizations a lasting innovative edge.

The New Science of Teams Can Unleash Your Organization’s Potential

Why do organizations go flat or, worse fail? There are three commonly accepted reasons. The talent is poor. The leader is weak. The mission is murky.

There is a fourth reason, says Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard. That’s when teams within organizations perform below their potential.

Based on cutting edge research in neuroscience and anthropology, Karlgaard has unlocked the keys to high performance teams, which Karlgaard will share in advance of his 2015 book, The New Science of Teams.

At this speech, you will learn:

- What science says about racial and gender diversity. Warning: It’s provocative.

- Why cognitive diversity yields the highest performance gains – but only if you understand what it is.

- How to find the “bliss point” in team intimacy – and become three times more productive.

- Why too much conformity will kill you – as will too little.

- How to create “whole brain teams” with the right amount of “creative abrasion.”

- How do identify destructive team members before they harm you.

- Why 7 (+/-2,) 150 and 1,500 are magic sizes for teams.

- Why everything you know about performance compensation is probably wrong.

Meet Rich Karlgaard

Entrepreneur-turned-publisher, columnist, television commentator, private investor and board director, Rich Karlgaard has a unique vantage point on the trends driving the business and investment climates. His insights help audiences see the global marketplace with new eyes.

Rich Karlgaard is the publisher of Forbes magazine, where he writes a biweekly column known for its witty and honest assessment of current business issues, a regular panelist on cable news' most popular business show, Forbes on FOX, and was a frequent guest analyst on CNBC's The Kudlow Report. He's also a successful entrepreneur and past winner of Ernst & Young's "Entrepreneur of the Year Award." More than just a business journalist, Karlgaard as a private investor and board director understands firsthand the difficulties of navigating in today's business climate and the opportunities available to those who have the courage to reach out for them. His assessment of the current business issues and trends gives audiences solid insights they can use to make better business and investment decisions. Karlgaard, who speaks without notes, has a remarkable ability to connect with his audience. He shows his quick mind and even quicker good sense of humor during lively, unscripted question and answer periods. Karlgaard is unfailingly gracious, putting his insights out for others to consider in a way that helps them see the events that are changing their world—especially the impact of Washington politics on the environment for business and invention. In his book, The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success (April 2014), Karlgaard shares a surprising third element in addition to high performance and superb execution that’s required to gain the competitive advantage. He is also the co-author of Team Genius: The New Science of High-Performing Organizations (July 2015).

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