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Jeb Bush was amazing! He was perfect! Everyone was absolutely thrilled to meet him and hear him speak. Thank you for your great efforts and expertise in suggesting him for our program.
National Confectioners Association
Jeb Bush was a joy to work with and really brought the message home.
Vice President, Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
The Jeb Bush plenary session was the most popular for the convention. We had to add additional chairs in the back of the ballroom! He received a standing ovation and did really well with Q&A. His speech was funny but relevant. He included personal stories and really kept the audience engaged.
Association of Private Sector Colleges & Universities
Governor Bush did a fantastic job. He is so personable and approachable. The audience feedback was great and we were thrilled with our decision to have him join our conference.

Jeb Bush

Governor of Florida (1999-2007)
A successful governor and business, economic, education and health care reformer, Jeb Bush elevates the conversation on how to address the key challenges facing America today.
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America’s Promise in Uncertain Times

Jeb Bush’s passion for big ideas and how they shape policy led to sweeping reforms in Florida while he was Governor. Bush applies this visionary understanding of the issues about the country’s future by posing a few simple questions: What are the enduring American values that can provide a strong defense against tough economic times? Do today’s current policies—from health care to the economy to immigration—reflect those values? And how will these policies shape the Obama Administration's agenda during his last two years in office? Bush treats audiences to a candid and informative discussion of the issues on the minds of most Americans, engaging audiences with the same unique perspective that has made him one of the most recognized voices in politics today.

Leading in a Climate of Change

Jeb Bush’s definition of leadership--being an advocate for big ideas that require big changes--informed his sweeping reforms during his tenure as governor of Florida. In the face of radical change, he advocated new solutions to replace outmoded policies that no longer worked effectively. At the heart of his success was his ability to inspire citizens, businesspeople and policy makers to embrace change as the only way to take charge of the future. In eight years, he reformed traditional institutions as education and health care and directed the swift preparations and intense response efforts to eight hurricanes. Governor Bush knows first-hand how to unite a disparate bureaucracy into one focused on innovation and continual success, and understands how to lead an unwieldy organization through growth, change and crisis. Audiences will learn why leaders should:
· Encourage transparency: Say what they're going to do and then do it;
· Surround themselves with good people, set high expectations and watch them be met;
· Stay connected and enfranchise the disenfranchised;
· Understand that success is never final, that reform is never complete and that leadership requires constant vigilance.

A Civilized Partisan Debate: Jeb Bush and Bill Bradley

A popular combination when a higher level of discourse and understanding on bi-partisan issues is desired. Bill Bradley is a brilliant statesman who gained prominence in the Senate as a person who brought people together to solve problems. Together, Jeb Bush and Bill Bradley offer an enlightening and respectful discussion on the areas of interest and concern to the audience representing both sides of the aisle.

Meet Jeb Bush

A successful governor and business, economic, education and health care reformer, Jeb Bush elevates the conversation on how to address the key challenges facing America today.

Jeb Bush is a unifying leader who brings civility to the discussion of bi-partisan viewpoints while addressing the key issues facing each audience he meets. Whether leading transformation efforts on issues of importance like education, healthcare and immigration, or managing crisis response to the eight hurricanes that hit Florida during his time in office, Bush understands how organizations can literally be blown apart by the winds of change. Bush is one of America’s most experienced reformers who led change by inspiring citizens, businesspeople and policy makers. Currently the head of a consulting company whose clients range from technology start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, he offers comprehensive strategies to overcome difficulties by remaining focused on what matters most. An articulate student of policy, Bush dissects the current political climate by offering fresh insights on the hot-button issues in the news. Always committed to a better future for America, Bush serves as Chairman, Foundation for Excellence in Education, which focuses on transforming and providing an education system that maximizes every student’s potential for learning and prepares all students for success in the 21st century and as Chairman, The National Constitution Center, America’s first and only nonpartisan, nonprofit institution devoted to the U.S. Constitution, its ideals and its legacy of active citizenship. He is the co-author of Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution (March 2013).

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