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The audience gave Gwen Ifill a standing ovation!
University of Michigan
Gwen Ifill has a wonderful personality, was funny and had great interaction with the audience. It was the best event in this lecture series and closed with a standing ovation.
Southern Methodist University
Everything went wonderfully well. As you might have predicted, Gwen Ifill was well received by our group. Thanks for your good work coordinating this event for us. We look forward to working with WSB in the future.
Law School Admission Council
In a word, Gwen Ifill was FABULOUS! Not only is she the consummate professional but she was warm and kind. A big hit with our attendees.
The Robert Toigo Foundation
Gwen did an outstanding job. She was well prepared, kept the discussion moving and encouraged speakers to address key points raised in their presentations and in the public's interest.
The Richmond Forum
Gwen Ifill’s presentation was hands down the best of the conference. Everyone truly loved her Q&A and everyone felt she was very personable and brilliant. She is so understated but an incredible force. She was both honestly candid and brazenly hopeful.
Drexel University

Gwen Ifill

Moderator and Managing Editor, PBS' Washington Week and Co-anchor, PBS NewsHour

A calm voice in the chaotic world of political news and rhetoric, Gwen Ifill is known for reporting the substance of stories and events that really make a difference in the world.

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Politics, Policy, and Reality: What's Really Going on in Washington

As managing editor of PBS' Washington Week, Gwen Ifill shapes and directs news coverage for one of the most iconic public affairs programs on television, a news program that, because of its nature, can delve extensively behind the scenes to bring you the complete stories shaping your world. Ifill, one of the America’s most respected journalists, brings her veteran experience and trademark wit to bear on the day's political headlines including what’s going on inside the Obama Administration and on Capitol Hill. In a presentation rife with insight and wisdom gained from years of covering some of the toughest beats in Washington, Ifill gives audiences the benefit of her work on American politics, foreign policy and the trends that most affect business, family and government.

Washington Week

This lively program promises something for everyone with any point of view. Gwen Ifill will put on a special session of Washington Week, the longest running news program on PBS, for your organization. Ms. Ifill and other regular Washington Week panelists, chosen with your input, will tackle the topics important to you and your group, as well as give analysis of the hottest issues of the day.

Meet Gwen Ifill

A calm voice in the chaotic world of political news and rhetoric, Gwen Ifill is known for reporting the substance of stories and events that really make a difference in the world.

Always engaging, Gwen Ifill prides herself on being above the sound bites, the spin and the hype, believing instead that reporting news of substance—stories that explore the rich truths of a changing world—are more rewarding. Bringing her natural wit and wisdom to some of the most complicated political issues of the day, Ifill serves as both moderator and managing editor of PBS’ Washington Week, recipient of the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award and the John Chancellor Award. Her clear voice and articulate commentary have made her one of the most respected and popular television journalists of our time. From her unique vantage point as a veteran journalist, Ifill ushers audiences into the very corridors of power—taking an in-depth look at the Obama Administration and how it is working with a Republican Congress.  A trailblazer in every sense of the word, Ifill also looks at issues of race and diversity and shows just how far society has come from the early days of the civil rights movement. Prior to her current role as a co-anchor and senior correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, she has served as national correspondent for NBC News, in addition to covering politics and government for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Evening Sun and The Boston Herald American. Ifill is the author of The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.

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