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David Plouffe

Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategy, Uber; Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama (2011-2013); Campaign Manager, 2008 Obama for President; and New York Times Best-Selling Author
Changing the face of politics forever, David Plouffe’s key insights into the issues facing our country today and his use of coherent, bold strategy combined with innovative technology—including big data—have revolutionized the way all organizations are run—from the campaign trail to the board room to Main Street.
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The 2016 Elections

David Plouffe is commonly referred to as the “architect” of President Obama's two presidential campaign victories. Using his unparalleled understanding of today's changing demographics, technology and the modern electorate, he offers insights into what will be the likely impact of the Republican-controlled Congress during the remaining two years of the Obama Administration and the impact on the 2016 elections.  It is never too early to begin to predict the likely contenders, their early moves and chances, and what the 2016 issues, demographics and electoral landscape will look like, as these elections will have great impact for our country, our government and our businesses in the years ahead.

Big Data - Knowing Instead of Guessing

Data increasingly plays a key role in politics, business and organizations across the world. David Plouffe discusses how the Obama campaign used data as never before to win an election in a tough environment. Data is, of course, available to everyone. Plouffe discusses how to integrate data throughout the organization, ensure that it is understood by decision makers and impacts all decisions, some of the tensions between modern data and traditional research, and how to blend the two. There is still an art to strategy and the tactics that flow from them, but increasingly, it is the science that leads the way.

How to Communicate and Win in a Rapidly Changing Digital Age

Every year—or even every month—brings new changes in technology and consumer and voter behavior. Delivering a consistent message to your target audience is harder today, even though there are a plethora of new avenues to reach people. David Plouffe reveals how both of the Obama campaigns and the White House leveraged each medium to maximum effect, and forecasts how the media landscape is likely to further change in the months and years ahead, and how organizations must be prepared to stay ahead of the curve.

Bold Strategies Every Organization Needs to Develop and Execute a Gritty Plan for Today’s Challenges

Barack Obama’s two presidential campaign wins fundamentally changed the face of politics by building the biggest grassroots movement in history and pioneering the use of the Internet and social media to mobilize voters. David Plouffe discusses how to set and stick to a strategy; properly utilize a wealth of organizational and market research; ground decision making in strategic thinking; harness the latest technology; and not relive the glory of past triumphs but rather execute a gritty plan for today’s challenges.

Understanding a Changing America

America’s swiftly changing demographic and technological landscapes will affect our politics, businesses and culture dramatically over the coming decades. David Plouffe shares with audiences the trajectory we are on, discusses how to adapt strategies and tactics to meet the reality of today, and projects new changes and advancements in the coming years.

The Power of the Younger Generation

David Plouffe is the “architect” of President Barack Obama's two national election victories, which had at their core a belief in young people and their desire to have their voices heard. Plouffe's strategy in the 2008 primaries relied on mobilizing new voters to turn out, going against the conventional wisdom that they would tune out and not show up at the polls. Confounding the experts, Obama's two general election wins were fueled by young voter turnout. Plouffe shares his unique insight into what motivates millennials and his passionate belief that this is a more selfless and talented generation than his own, and what that will mean not just for the millennial generation, but also for the nation and the world. Plouffe's own story of going from cleaning chimneys and selling knives door-to-door in college to eventually working next to the Oval Office shows that anyone who is interested in public service and politics can leave their mark, and he strongly encourages college students and all young people to be part of molding the future they will soon lead.

Meet David Plouffe

Changing the face of politics forever, David Plouffe’s key insights into the issues facing our country today and his use of coherent, bold strategy combined with innovative technology—including big data—have revolutionized the way all organizations are run—from the campaign trail to the board room to Main Street.

A pioneering force in the field of politics, technology and grassroots leadership, in 2008, David Plouffe built a billion-dollar nationwide organization that inspired millions and made history electing Barack Obama president. In 2012, the Obama campaign didn’t rely on the glory of their past triumph, but harnessed the latest technologies including the game-changing use of big data, executed a gritty plan for today’s challenges and again made history by winning re-election under the toughest of economic circumstances. An innovator with extensive experience in successfully leading large teams, Plouffe is bringing his expertise as a proven field general and the strategist who built the startup that elected a President to Uber, where he now serves as Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategy. Plouffe shares with audiences the crucial elements to producing effective results – crafting and sticking with a strategy, targeted use of social media, the importance of sophisticated research and big data to drive productivity and enhance communication – inspiring creativity and motivation for innovative solutions. As Senior Advisor to President Obama, Plouffe was at the center of the debate on the key issues now facing our country, from tax and entitlement reform to immigration reform to foreign policy challenges, allowing him to share with audiences his distinct insights into how these issues will impact our economy and politics for years to come. He is the author of New York Times bestseller, The Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama’s Historic Victory (2010).

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